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According to statistics from December 2018, VIUTV has 30 million active users. They are looking to stretch their reach to more audiences around the globe but for now, except the select few countries are greeted by a no-service page which looks like this:

Steps to Watch VIUTV Online from anywhere with Ivacy VPN

If you are traveling, have been recommended content which is only available on VIUTV online or just want to access the streaming service to take a look at it, you might run into a problem. This happens if you are from any country besides the seventeen where VIU is available. With Ivacy VPN however, accessing VIU takes only three small steps:

  1. Sign up for an Ivacy account using one of the several affordable packages available.
  2. Download the Ivacy app for your respective platform.
  3. Since VIU is only available in 17 countries, you will have to choose from any of these servers to connect to.
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What is VIUTV?

VIU is an umbrella brand which encompasses a number of different services. VIU TV is the original Mandarin television channel which airs entertainment content. It is only available for viewership in Hong Kong or through the VIU TV website. The channel is owned by the parent company, PCCW which also controls the streaming service and its associated applications.

VIUTV Online Streaming Service Subscription

VIU is a streaming service which is designed as a competitor to the more renown services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It offers users access to content from all around the world and spanning various different languages. While signing up, users have two different options to choose from and this is one of the most common questions people have VIU:

Is VIUTV Online is for free?

According to official sources from the service provider, VIU is free. In all fairness, however, almost 70% of the content is available to freemium members. Yes, they can continue using their subscription for as long as they like without having to face any trouble expect advertisements playing between videos. This is the main difference between both the versions of VIU video is that the free service plays intermittent ads during a video, much like Facebook and YouTube while the paid service doesn’t.

  • VIU Premium

The premium members for the service have unlimited access to HD content. You can watch Korean drama online free along with the ability to download the shows at any time. VIU also features content from other countries where it is available like VIU TV India, for instance. The free users also have access to the enormous library at VIU’s disposal but they have to deal with ad interruptions during shows.

VIU Video Subscription costs

VIU claims that most of its content is free and by most, it means almost 70%. Many people assume that since it is based in Hong Kong and has links to China and other Asian countries, it is not a significant service provider but that it not true. VIU has partnerships with some of the biggest production houses in the world like Sony Music, BBC Worldwide, Tips Industries Ltd. and other leading names around the world.

The subscription costs can differ based on the company from which you are signing up. For example, in Singapore, the price is S$ 5.98 which is about 4.4 USD. In India, the costs are around 99 Indian Rupees for two months. That translates to only about 1.42 USD. Similarly, the prices can differ based on the partnerships with local telecom service providers which VIU has in a certain country.

Available Content On The VIU App

The VIU App provides access to over 40,000 hours of content in total. This includes titles from English, Korean, Hindi and Tamil, etc. Korean shows are quite popular in different parts of the world and even audiences in America and Europe watch them using subtitles. With the service, users can scroll to VIU online movies or VIU TV live to switch between the two types of content.

  • Famous content on VIU

VIU offers access to all leading movies and TV shows from different industries. These include the two giants, i.e. Hollywood and Bollywood (India). Users can watch almost every show which is available on other platforms, Latest movies like Captain Marvel, Murder Mystery, Avengers and How to Train your Dragon etc. are all available for download along with hit TV shows like Friends, Breaking Bad and Agents of Shield to name a few.

The streaming service has a wide array of Korean dramas and movies, Indian shows and movies as well as a variety of anime content too. These genres are popular and the viewership numbers for programs collectively cross the billion people mark quite easily. VIU is spreading to other countries like in March 2019, the services were launched in South Africa so it is expected that more diverse content will be available on the platform soon.

The VIU website and country-specific content

Besides the VIU TV app, which is available for Android’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, people can also watch content from the streaming service on their website. The platforms provide access to some exciting content. If you are originally from the regions where the VIU app is available and are traveling or have learned about a drama from Korea, for example, VIU Korean drama can help you watch it.

Where is VIU available?

The VIU Korean drama app is available for download in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, India, Egypt, Myanmar, Kuwait, Jordan, South Africa, and Iraq. The content available under the ‘Viu Original’ banner also comes with subtitles in foreign languages so you can enjoy it no matter which country you belong to.

Can VIU detect VPN?

Although a VPN works by creating a mask around the IP address of the user accessing the internet, it is possible that the same IP address is multiple users. This might show to VIU that a VPN is in use but this is something which the servers tend to ignore. The reason behind this is simple. The VIU app assumes that the same user is logging in multiple times so it approves access for the matching IP addresses.

VIU will have no idea which country you are originally trying to access the content from. It will only detect the country from where the IP address is coming. This means that you don’t have to worry about any content restrictions whatsoever. So, even though the VPN might be detected, access is granted easily because it is coming from a country which is on the authorized list.


One of the fast emerging and exciting streaming services VIU Korean drama online allows access to content from a variety of regions where it has partnerships. The library of the streaming service is growing with every passing day and considering the low subscription rates, it an amazing service to be a part of.

If you watch the content which is available on VIU and have trouble signing in to the app when in a country where it is not available, Ivacy VPN can make it simple for you to gain access and enjoy all your favorite content with ease.

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