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How To Watch Star Sports live streaming Outside India Free

One of the most popular games covered by the Channel is Cricket. Talking about Starsports live cricket match, the channel lets its audience enjoy all major events like Asia Cup, World Cup and even the T20 cup.

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There are many things that are absolutely remarkable about the Indian sports channel, Star Sports live streaming. However, the most accomplished of its feats is that it is an official broadcaster for almost all major sporting events including Cricket, Football, and even Formula One.

If you’re not already a fan of Star Sports 1 live streaming, you will become one as soon as you start to watch Star Sport live. However, getting access to Star Sport live streaming free may get a little difficult outside India as the channel restricts itself geologically, catering to a purely Indian audience.

But don’t worry! Star Sports live streaming free outside India was never this easy! Keep reading on to find out how to watch Star Sport live from anywhere in the world.

How to access Star Sports live streaming from anywhere in the world

Star Sports is just one of the millions of sites that are blocked outside certain regions. This is called geo-blocking and it can happen for a variety of reasons, for example, legal or political issues, censorship issues, and in the case of Star Sport 1 live streaming, exclusivity.

Even though geo-blocking is done for logical and valid reasons, sometimes, these reasons can get in the way of work, academics, business, and even just harmless entertainment, like being able to watch Star Sport live.

This is why its important to find ways around it, not just so you can stream Starsports live cricket match anytime you want to, from anywhere in the world, but also because in order to be at your most productive, you need the internet at your fingertips—geo-blocked sites included!

If you haven’t managed to find a way just yet, here’s an easy, effortless one: subscribe to an Ivacy account! Not only will Ivacy let you watch star sports live streaming free from any part of the world, but it will also let you unblock any sites blocked in your country.

Here’s how to enjoy Star Sports live streaming anywhere in the world:

  1. Subscribe to an Ivacy account.
  2. Download the app specific to your device.
  3. Connect to a server in India.
  4. Watch Star Sport live whenever you want, from wherever you want!

Stream Starsports live cricket match at fast internet speed with Ivacy

Tired of having to pause your stream every few minutes while your internet connection re-establishes and missing some of the most important shots? Happens to the best of us, but boy, does it suck to miss sixers, and goals by your favorite players.

Not anymore though! Not only does Ivacy let you unblock blocked sites, letting you stream Star Sports 1 live streaming outside India, it also lets you finally break the curse of bandwidth throttling and lets you make the most of star sports live streaming free at high internet speeds.

Ivacy does this by completely masking your IP address and replacing it with a pseudo-IP address, letting you escape the prying eyes of your local ISP. This lets you get away with a fast, stable, and smooth internet connection, even at the busiest times of the week, and even when you’ve downloaded and uploaded the heaviest of files.

Why Ivacy is the best option to watch Star Sport live?

Besides letting you unblock the channel and Star Sport 1 live streaming from wherever you want, Ivacy also offers a multitude of additional features. These include split tunneling to ensure high internet speeds, a kill switch to maintain security and avoid breaches, DDoS and malware protection to keep your device and browsing safe and up to 256-bit military grade encryption to make sure that hackers can’t access your data.

Apart from these features and the additional ease-of-use, Ivacy also has dedicated apps for other platforms like Kodi, Android TV, iOS, MacOs, Roku, and FireStick.


Star Sports live streaming should no longer be a dream reserved for just the Indian sport fanatics as fans anywhere in the world can use Ivacy to unlock the platform and watch Star Sport live.

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