What is My IP Location?

Your IP address lets ISPs and government track you throughout the digital world. Here's how your IP would appear on the websites you visit. If it's unprotected, get it protected using Ivacy VPN now for a more secure and safer browsing experience.



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What my IP Location Reveals About Me?

Your IP address can reveal more than you think! An IP address can reveal your physical location and your ISP's name. It can also reveal your name, age, IP address, home address, what you search for online, and more because you leave a digital footprint wherever you go.

Use Ivacy for Online Anonymity

Your data is then sold to owners, marketers as well as advertisers for profiling users online. Data such as your interests, your torrenting habits as well as who you communicate with online - are all gathered and sold to the highest bidder. Through Ivacy you become invisible.


Employ Ivacy to Bypass Geo Restrictions

Geo restrictions limit users’ access to desired content from different regions. Ivacy has always stood for a free Internet and it helps you seamlessly bypass inaccessibility in place. Access your favorite social media website, browse desirable content to stream from another region, etc.

Ensure Public Wi-Fi Security

On Public Wi-Fi make sure to refrain from connecting to two similar looking networks or that shouts “Free” - these are usually hotspots created by hackers to steal your data. Thus, with Ivacy VPN, your presence is masked and you can surf the web in comfort as if you were located elsewhere in the world.

Bask in Online Security Like No Other!

Since Ivacy is a renowned VPN provider and has 1000+ servers across 100+ locations, your Internet Traffic remains Private. With strict No Browsing Logs policy and up to 256-bit Military Grade encryption, you are well-protected online.


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How to Change Your IP Address

How to Change Your IP Address Location?

Changing of IP Address is fairly simple. A new IP of the region you are connected to will be assigned. That way cyber-criminals will have no way of telling where you are online. Here’s how you can change the IP Address and become anonymous:

  • Subscribe to Ivacy VPN
  • Download Ivacy on your preferred device
  • Select from a List of Servers or Countries you wish to connect to
  • You have successfully changed your IP Address

With a different IP other than your original, you are safe to surf, shop and stream anything you like in complete anonymity and privacy.

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What is a Public IP address

What is a Public IP address?

By definition, IP address is a distinct number which is assigned to devices such as computers, phones or tablets whenever you connect to the internet. Whenever you are connected to the internet a public IP is assigned to the user, usually by your ISP as a result of which sender and receiver are able to communicate and exchange information with each other.

Basically, you cannot go online without a Public IP address but it’s risky because your sensitive information can be viewed by ISP, data snoopers and hackers. With Ivacy, they are kept at bay. If you run an IP test, your online location could be anywhere in the world other than your actual one. That is how a VPN masks your identity and IP address online.

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What is a Private IP

What is a Private IP?

Private IP addresses are extensively used in household, business, and enterprise networks. Every device connecting to an internet network, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, or printers, is assigned a unique IP address. Routers require a method to identify these devices, and the devices themselves may require a method to identifying each other, which is where private IP addresses come for rescue. A router generates private IP addresses for easy identification of each device on the internet.

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Difference Between Public and Private IP

A public IP address helps you identify to the rest of the internet, allowing all of the information you're looking for to locate you

Difference between public and private IP

A private IP address can be utilized within a private network to securely connect to other devices on that network. Every device on the same network has its own private IP address.

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Get Your Unique IP Today

Ivacy provides you with a Unique IP or set of IPs by Whitelisting them. For businesses, this is especially useful. For example, if you have a company website, through a whitelisted IP, only you can access it by entering your login credentials. Even if someone else has them, their IP is likely to get blacklisted if they try logging in. That’s Ivacy for you with its 1000+ servers in 50 countries. Getting yourself a Unique or Dedicated IP address is no more fictitious.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about your ip address? Find answers to frequently asked questions here:

A LAN IP address is provided to your host within your local area network. Whereas, a WAN IP address is provided to your router interface that has access to the internet.

The Barracuda Blacklists consist of email servers that are found to be a part of open email relays or spambots. Essentially, it is a blacklist for spammers. But if you are not one, you can remove yourself from the list by completing and submitting the Barracuda Blacklist Removal form.

The process involves stealing network addresses which involves reading the packets.

Static IP addresses never change, and remain constant. However, Dynamic IP addresses change over time.

The two are more or less the same thing. DHCP or Reserved IP addresses involves pre-set IP addresses that are to be provided by a DHCP server upon request.

Static IP addresses never change, they remain constant. DHCP IP addresses are pre-set IP addresses that are to be provided by a DHCP server upon request.

IP addresses are used to identify network connections that devices are a part of, while MAC addresses refer to the physical address of a device or computer.

Just like any other device or computer, a router has a MAC address too. The MAC address is to identify the physical address of the router.

The only way you can get a UK IP, Russian IP, or any other IP address, is by using a reliable VPN.

PPPoE, or Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet is networking protocol that manages how data is transmitted over cable networks. It enables a single server connection to be divided into multiple clients.

To identify your WAN IP, access the Command Prompt by pressing Windows Key + R. Type CMD, and press the Enter key. In the command prompt, type ipconfig. Your WAN IP is the IPv4 Address.


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