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Ivacy VPN Believes in
Freedom of Speech

From its inception, Ivacy VPN has believed in empowering users by
providing true internet freedom with complete privacy and security.
But most importantly, the VPN brand has prioritized freedom of
speech above all others. Whether journalists want to bring light to
the truth or internet users who want to speak against oppression,
Ivacy VPN has been there to serve.

Zero Discrimination
Across Borders

Ivacy VPN does not discriminate, and this is apparent because it has a zero
logs policy. A zero logs policy guarantees the absolute minimum amount of
data is collected for the creation and maintenance of VPN accounts. This
eliminates chances of discrimination of any kind at any level of the

Users who want to do away with regional discrimination resulting from
inaccessibility will be pleased to know they can anonymize their online
presence by connecting to any one of Ivacy VPN’s 5700+ servers in 100+ locations.

Ivacy VPN's Contributions to
the Freedom of Speech

Ivacy VPN has been at the forefront of freedom of speech for
people of all races, religions, cultures, and nationalities. No matter
where an individual is located or where they are coming from,
everyone has the right to speak their mind and get the respect they
deserve. To solidify the importance of freedom of speech, here are
a few instances where Ivacy VPN has contributed to the freedom of

Black Lives Matter

Ivacy VPN does not condone fascism of any kind but seeing how
the colored community continues to struggle even today; the brand
considers it a moral obligation to highlight the importance of the
Black Lives Matter movement

Women Empowerment

With the rising number of women coming forward about
harassment online and offline, Ivacy VPN made it a point to
educate its female audience to protect themselves online.


The LGBTQ+ community continues to face a lot of backlashes, which
often involve cyber-attacks. For this reason and plenty of others,
Ivacy VPN thought it necessary to educate LGBTQ+ communities
about online safety.

Child Protection

In this day and age, it is essential to protect children online. Since
children are most susceptible to cyber social threats, Ivacy VPN
deemed it necessary to give audiences the tools they need to
protect children online.

Commitment to the Cause

Ivacy VPN is one of the very few brands that does not hesitate in making difficult decisions when it comes to freedom of speech, as is evident with these instances:

Refusal to Give Data to China

When Ivacy VPN was contacted to sign the Chinese data regulation to continue operations in China, the brand opted to quit China. Signing up with the Chinese data regulation involved giving data to the government. Despite Ivacy VPN having no data to provide, the brand opted to quit China instead.

Ensuring Complete Transparency via GDPR

Ivacy VPN is transparent about its operations, and to make this evident, the brand chose to abide by the rules and regulations put forward in the form of the GDPR.

Ivacy VPN’s Manifesto

Ivacy VPN is dedicated to the freedom of speech for everyone,
not excluding internet freedom. Apart from empowering internet
users and securing their online presence, Ivacy VPN continues
to go out of its way to make the internet privacy accessible to
everyone, whether they are liberal or conservative.

Ivacy Goes Mobile

Ivacy app is available on Android, iOS and Huawei

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