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Why Do You Need A Dedicated IP Address?

When you are on a network, by default you are assigned an IP address which is shared among different users, hence you never really know where the IP addresses have been used, which is why you get banned and denied access of places on the web because of other users’ antics. Dedicated IP ensures that you have a clean reputation online.

Websites Will Not Block You

As a precautionary measure, many websites block shared IPs so as to avoid any fraudulent activity. Using a dedicated IP, that too with a VPN will grant you greater accessibility to different avenues on the web.

Risk Free Online Reputation

With Ivacy’s dedicated IP address VPN, your reputation remains intact as the IP is always under your usage and control. So, with a private IP, you are in total control of your reputation online.

You’re Not A Robot!

The annoying Google reCAPTCHA is triggered when a lot of users are using same IPs, and we all hate the process of proving that we are not robots. Use a dedicated IP VPN to evade such issues.

Seamless Streaming

Many video-on-demand streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon block shared IPs, because of excessive connections. So, use a Dedicated IP address and never get blocked.

Secure Banking

Restrict online access to your bank account and limit it to your private IP only. This way you can avoid any type of mishap or fraudulent activity since the only way in is through your unique dedicated IP.

Clean Email Sender’s Reputation

Using a dedicated IP address for email isolates your service from those abusing the medium and eventually being marked as spam. IPs are your virtual passports; so, use them wisely.

Difference Between Dynamic IP & Dedicated IP

The main difference between the two is that a Dynamic IP address is used by multiple users on a network, while a dedicated static IP belongs to one unique user. Most VPN users are content using an IP address shared by hundreds of users simultaneously, as it allows to keep their privacy when browsing the web. But little do they know that a shared IP can easily turn up in a blacklist as there’s no way for a user to know what other users on the network are up to. Usage of blacklisted IP addresses can cause you unnecessary annoyance online.

Dynamic IP

Difficult to trace an individual over a public network as the IP address keeps on changing.

Most internet service providers offer a massive range of shared IPs but have limited dedicated IPs.

NAT firewall is automatically implemented on connections made on Dynamic IP addresses.

Dedicated IP

Extremely useful when it comes to privately accessing personal websites or servers

It frees you from the concern of what the internet users are doing on the network.

You start off with a clean online reputation

Dedicated IP + VPN = Next-Level Online Security

VPN ensures that your remain anonymous on the web and dedicated IP gives you more power over your online reputation and better accessibility options. So, using a dedicated IP VPN is like having best of both worlds. Experience uninterrupted online experience and work from home with this perfect combo of encryption and security.

Database Server Security

With Ivacy’s dedicated IP, no hacker would be able to access your server’s database since only your dedicated IP is allowed to do so. So, work from your home or even while travelling with a dedicated IP always at your disposal.

Dedicated IP VPN
Dedicated IP - VPN

Secure Remote Access

Using a dedicated IP, employers have the control over who accesses their network, and employees can rest assured knowing that their IP is protected. This gives a sense of security and losing your sensitive information into wrong hands is the least of your concerns.

Two Factor Authentication

Enabling two-factor authentication process through a static IP address secures your login attempts as hackers would be unable to trace your credentials.

Dedicated IP - VPN
Dedicated IP - VPN

Home Security Camera Protection

Keep the prying eyes away from monitoring your home online by restricting the live feed to a single VPN dedicated IP. Configure your home security cameras with a private IP and keep check of it while on the go.

Ivacy Offers Dedicated IP In these Countries

Ivacy is currently offering dedicated IPs in the countries mentioned below. Get an IP of any of these countries and surf internet like their locals do.

Common Questions

On how many platforms can I use my Dedicated IP on?

Currently, it works on Windows only. It can be connected with only one device at a time.

How many dedicated IPs I can buy?

As much as you can.

How can I share the Dedicated IP?

You can share the credentials of your VPN account as your dedicated IP is linked with it. It can not be shared otherwise.

How many countries can I select for the Dedicated IP?

Single IP for a single country.

Can I buy only the Dedicated IP without VPN?

No. Dedicated IP is linked with your VPN account.

Can It work on routers?

Yes, you can. You can contact our representative on Live Chat so that they can guide you with the integration process.

Can I buy 1-Year VPN plan and few months of Dedicated IP?

Currently, we do not offer such a facility, but this feature will be launched very soon.

Does the Dedicated VPN account works on 1 device only?

Dedicated IP Account can be connected at 5 concurrent devices but every connection gets a different IP.

Can I use shared IPs on a Dedicated VPN account?


How can I select a location within a country for my dedicated IP?

The dedicated IP is assigned for a single country which can not be changed once it has been assigned.

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