How To Watch RTVS Live Outside Of Slovakia

Setting up Ivacy on your devices is as easy as preparing instant noodles. It can be done in three incredibly easy steps after which you can unblock RTVS with the best speeds possible.

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Open the Ivacy app and connect to a Slovakia server.

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Radio and Television of Slovakia popularly known as RTVS was formed in 2011 and manages two major channels including STV 1 for family programming; children’s shows, documentaries, and big sport-related events. Meanwhile, STV 2 shows Discovery style nature-focused shows including documentaries by the evergreen David Attenborough and a myriad of foreign movies with Slovak subtitles.

However, RTVS is geo-restricted which means it can only be accessed from Slovakia. Therefore, if you happen to be in any part of the world other than Slovakia, you get the following error, when trying to access RTVS live on the RTVS website:

“Content is not currently unavailable”

Fortunately, Ivacy VPN is able to bypass these geo-restrictions and enables you to watch RTVS live.

How does RTVS block you from accessing the RTVS live?

Your internet service provider assigns you with a unique IP address through which your original location can be traced by RTVS and you are blocked from streaming it live. In this way, RTVS ensures that only citizens currently in Slovakia can access it.

How can Ivacy VPN help you watch RTVS live online?

You know exactly what you need to do to unblock RTVS live but you also need to know how the whole thing works.

  • Ivacy VPN hides the real IP address that shows you outside Slovakia and replaces it with a Slovakian one. For instance, if you want to watch the latest episode of Morning tuning today with Mara Jaremkova, all you need to do is, launch Ivacy VPN and connect to a Slovakia based server and begin enjoying RTVS live once the connection becomes successful.
  • When you establish a connection with Ivacy VPN, your IP address changes to the Slovakian server you have been assigned rendering RTVS unable to confirm your exact location and tricking it into perceiving your location as that of Slovakia.
  • Ivacy is a highly secure VPN for streaming. It takes extra effort to ensure maximum security of all its users with the highly advanced 256 – bit encryption, meaning that you don’t have to compromise on your online safety when you set out to RTVS live.

Problem solved!

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Can Ivacy VPN unblock RTVS live all over the world?

Ivacy can unblock RTVS live from any part of the world you are located in but a few exceptions do exist. For instance, China and North Korea actively ban and block VPNs. Therefore, if you want to access RTVS from any of these countries, it may not be possible for you since VPN servers are blocked in these countries.


RTVS has made its apps available on a variety of platforms including Android and Apple.

Android Apps

The following RTVS live apps are available on Android Play store:

  • Spravy RTVS

  • iRadio RTVS

  • Trapslici

Apple Apps:

iPad & iPhone

  • Čo ja viem for Entertainment
  • iRádio RTVS for Music
  • Trpaslíci for General Entertainment


  • iReportér RTVS

Apple TV

  • RTVS Entertainment

Now, that you know how you can access RTVS safely with the help of Ivacy VPN, don’t waste time endlessly browsing for ways to unblock RTVS and get right on to it with the help of Ivacy VPN.

Get Ivacy now and begin enjoying RTVS live and the multiple benefits it brings!

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