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How to Watch Match TV Online with Ivacy VPN

Here is how you can unblock and enjoy Match TV Russia Online from anywhere in the world:

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign Up For Ivacy VPN Account & Get Your Credentials.

Step 2


Open the Ivacy VPN app and connect to a Russian server.

Step 3


Watch Match TV Live from anywhere in the world.

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If you are an avid sports fan, you will always want to stay updated with the ongoing action around you and in the international arena. Match TV is an exciting Russian platform that offers live streaming of sports events. It is primarily known for its diversified sports coverage, offering much to paid monthly users. However, if you are accessing Match TV from outside Russia, you won’t be able to access it, and you will only be viewing a blank screen.

Updated 2024: This page has been updated to reflect additional changes in information. It now tells readers what to watch on Match TV live outside Russia.

Match TV is mainly accessed by determining football fans who love staying updated with ongoing national leagues. Main leagues include UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, UEFA Europa League, English FA Cup, and many more. Along with matches, you can get a live content feed for recent interviews of players, coaches, management, and other people associated with sports.

Match TV online is a geo-restricted platform that only works on the premises of Russia. However, you will require a genuine VPN connection if you access Match TV from outside Russia. With VPN, you can undoubtedly access geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world.

How to Watch Match TV online with VPN – Easy steps

Match TV can only be accessed with a stable VPN connection when streaming outside Russia. While streaming a sports channel like Match TV, you would need a seamless streaming process where internet glitches and poor connectivity doesn’t affect your online streaming experience. To have a pleasant streaming experience, you will need a reliable VPN connection.

While talking about VPN connection, you must ensure that you have subscribed to a paid VPN connection that offers uninterrupted connectivity and doesn’t lag or malfunction when switching regions. Continue reading to find out how to watch Match TV live outside Russia.

Step 1 – Visit Ivacy VPN to get a subscription.

Step 2 – You are advised to purchase a premium plan offering unlimited benefits, which can’t be accessed in free VPNs available on the internet.

Step 3 – Enter your verified credentials, and you will be connected to a VPN server.

Step 4 – You can download Ivacy VPN’s Chrome extension and access the VPN services with just one tap.

Step 5 – Connect yourself to a Russian VPN server to Stream Match TV.

Step 6 – You must make an account on Match TV’s official streaming page by entering your verified email address and other details.

Step 7 – After creating the account, you must select a payment plan and method to access streaming services for free.

Once connected to the Russian server, ensure you access Russian content directly. After the connection is established, you can stream Match TV without hassle. After following the procedure mentioned above, you can stream various Football leagues, MMA fights, F1 track events, and much more.

While using Ivacy VPNs IP address to access Match TV, you won’t find the main page saying can’t access it or content restricted. An ideal VPN connection conceals the user’s IP and connects it to an international server which is acceptable in regions where you want to stream or access the content.

Why is Match TV not Available Outside Russia

Russian commander in chief Vladimir Putin takes pride in imposing control over internet regulatory authority and other bodies responsible for blocking non-Russian or local IP addresses. If you try accessing any geo-restricted content in Russia with your internet browser, you might not be able to browse that specific website. The website’s main landing page might appear, but you can’t access other features.

Most Russians subscribe to Match TV live to enjoy uninterrupted action of sporting seasons across many leagues and games. As Match TV comes under the supervision of the Russian government, it can’t be easily accessed from outside of Russia. However, using a paid VPN connection like Ivacy VPN, you can seamlessly enjoy streaming Match TV from outside Russia.

Like many countries, Russia possesses complete control and authority over its content. Many regions restrict streaming, and gaming platforms can’t be accessed globally for privacy and other reasons. If you have ever noticed, the Netflix library varies according to region, offering well-diversified content to users.

When you access Match TV live outside Russia, you can scroll down its main page but can’t access videos or live content. However, the reading material and images can be browsed without a VPN connection. Once you have connected yourself to a stable VPN connection that converts your IP address into a Russian-compatible IP address, you can access Match TV Russia online without any problem.

Russian IP addresses aren’t readily available via free VPN connections. However, a free VPN isn’t recommended, as data leaks and other malicious activities are always possible. Free VPN connections aren’t reliable for providing a concealed identity as one accesses region-restricted content. With Ivacy VPN’s robust servers, you can easily stream Match TV from outside Russia, keeping yourself updated with ongoing sporting events around the globe.

How to Watch Match TV Outside Russia

Like many region-restricted websites, Match TV can’t be accessed genuinely from outside Russia. When you search Match TV live from outside Russia, you will find their link on your search engine’s first page; however, the streaming content won’t work without connecting to a stable VPN connection.

When it comes to accessing region-restricted content without any blockages, you will require a virtual IP address that is acceptable in Russia. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is responsible for changing the user’s IP address into a region-acceptable IP by which the user can access geo-restricted content from anywhere around the world. However, the emphasis should be on using a paid VPN connection like Ivacy VPN, which values customer privacy and upholds every digital code of conduct.

To get a subscription to Ivacy VPN, you must visit Ivacy VPN’s main website to register yourself. However, if you want to watch Match TV Russia online on your smartphone, you can use Ivacy VPN’s mobile application, which can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store.

After browsing Ivacy VPN’s website, you can find a user-friendly environment for the registration process. After completing the process and payment plan, you can subscribe to Ivacy VPN instantly. Once you have created your account with Ivacy VPN, you can add the Chrome extension to your Google profile and enjoy unlimited VPN access from around the globe.

If you are accessing Match TV live from your desktop PC or laptop, you can turn on the Ivacy VPN’s connection and select Russia from the selection tab. Once you choose Russia, your IP address will change to a Russian IP address. You can try searching for Google Russia and search Match TV.

You can download the Ivacy VPN app and log in with your personalized credentials if you want to stream content on your tablet and smartphone screens. While activating the VPN connection on your smartphone, you must select Russia in the region selection menu. Once your device is connected to Ivacy VPN, you can search for Match TV on the browser.

Enjoy unlimited screen time with Ivacy VPN. With a VPN connection, the host will instantly identify you as a native of Russia and give you access to Match TV. While selecting the best package for Match TV, you should consider keeping an eye on acceptable payment gateways. Usually, Master and Visa cards work perfectly on such online platforms, but it’s best to research the payment methods available to you. However, the payment procedure is straightforward, as you must enter your card number and other personal details, such as your CVC code.

Creating an Account and Streaming Match TV

As you explore Match TV’s website, you can scroll through it to learn more about its features and attractive services. To create an account on Match TV, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1 – Click on the top left corner of the screen, and a vertical menu pops up.

Step 2 – Click the Sign-Up button and wait for the server to redirect you.

Step 3 – Continue with the flow, and a screen will appear where you have to enter your contact number.

Step 4 – A confirmation code will send on your mobile, and you will be required to enter the same on the screen.

Step 5 – Click on the I Agree statement, and you will be processed further.

Step 6 – After confirming all details, your Match TV account will be created.

In case of any more queries, it’s recommended to go through YouTube tutorials. Once your account is set up and active on Match TV live, you can stream more than 18+ leagues and stay updated with what’s happening in sports these days. During the entire sign-up process, you will need your browser to be connected to a secure VPN connection of Ivacy VPN.

If your internet connectivity drops, you will need to wait for your internet service to get fully restored, and then you can reload your browser. Moreover, while streaming content on Match TV Russia online, you need a working VPN connection that modifies your streaming experience.

Most Watched Sports on Match TV Live

Here are some of the most-watched sports on Match TV Live:


Football is extremely popular in Russia, and Match TV often broadcasts domestic league matches, international competitions, and major tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is another highly followed sport in Russia, and Match TV covers Russian and international hockey leagues, including the NHL.


Match TV broadcasts various tennis tournaments, including Grand Slam events like Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open, as well as ATP and WTA events.


Boxing is a popular combat sport in Russia, and Match TV covers a wide range of professional boxing matches and tournaments.


The channel airs basketball games, including the NBA, EuroLeague, and Russian Basketball League.


Formula 1 and various motorsport events are featured on Match TV, attracting fans of racing.


The channel covers volleyball matches, including international competitions and domestic leagues.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

MMA has a growing fan base in Russia, and Match TV broadcasts MMA events, including the UFC and regional promotions.

Winter Sports

Given Russia’s climate, winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and figure skating are also featured during the respective seasons.

Summing Up Match TV Streaming

Match TV is an ideally designed platform for avid sports fans, especially individuals who crave live action from the field of football 24/7. On Match TV, you will find content in HD, which is very alluring in terms of what you will be paying monthly. Match TV has diversified content, offering almost everything. Online users can easily understand its user-friendly interface and easy signup process.


How to Watch Match TV Outside Russia?               

Use Ivacy VPN to connect to a Russian VPN server to access Match TV.

How Many Football Leagues Available on Match TV?

More than 18 football leagues can be followed and streamed live on Match TV.

What are Monthly Subscription Charges for Match TV?

A monthly subscription package costs around 2.5$/month, which is pretty reasonable.

What are the Charges for Viewing more than 18 Football Leagues on Match TV?

The charges for viewing 18 different leagues on Match TV are 5$/month.

Can People Share their Match TV Account Credentials?

Match TV credentials can also be shared with one person, making it two persons per account.

Can You Watch Match TV Outside Russia?

Yes, with the integration of Ivacy VPN, you can access Match TV from outside Russia.