How To Watch Canal13 Live Online Outside Of Chile

Here, we will explain how you can bypass regional blocking of any kind and watch Canal 13 from any other country in the world in three easy steps:

Step 1

Sign Up

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Open the Ivacy app and connect to an Chile server.

Step 3


Watch Canal 13 Live from anywhere in the world.

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That’s really how easy it is to access your favorite content from all the way in Chile.

Since it is that easy, all that’s left to do is explore the content that Canal13 online has to offer in more detail.

Why Doesn’t Canal Plus Provide Its Streaming Services To People Outside France?

Canal Plus does not provide its streaming services outside France due to the licensing agreements it holds with the content providers. These agreements prevent Canal from making its content available to the areas that lie outside of France.

Do I have to register to watch Canal13 Online?

The Canal+ website has a large button that translates to “Subscribe” which can confuse the users since the website’s content is offered for free. Although you don’t need to register to watch content on the CANAL+ site, you need to subscribe for additional channels, otherwise not available to the free users.

What can I watch Canal 13 Live?

Here are the three top shows available to watch on Canal:

  • The Bureau:

Based on true accounts and inspired by France’s top spy agency, The Bureau focuses on the daily lives and missions of intelligence operatives.

  • Baron Noir:

The show is based on French politician Philipe Rickwaert exacting his revenge on his enemies after being a sideline.

  • Spiral:

Spiral follows the daily lives of the members of the French police as they deal with corruption, gang violence, and related crimes.

What kind of entertainment Can I stream online with Canal 13?

It depends on what you’re after really.

Here’s a nice assortment of entertainment that is available to watch on Canal 13.

Stream Chat shows with Canal 13 Live

SIGAMOS DE LARGO — A talk show with fans from all across the Spanish speaking world. It feels almost like an after-party, with celebs winding down with a beverage or two and having a good laugh. For those chat show enthusiasts out there wanting to improve their Spanish, there is no better option.

Stream entertaining content on Canal 13 with Ivacy VPN

The title gives it away, but for those of you who want to watch Canal 13 for its educational value we’ll throw in a little translation.

If you translate it quite literally (which is what we’re about to do) you get something like what would your son do?

You guessed it:  a bunch of celebrities come onto the show with their little ones and follow through on a series of challenges that ALWAYS prove to be entertaining.

It’s a light-hearted way to get a glimpse into your favorite celebrity’s personality, as well as see the cutest of celebrity children!

Of course, even though staying entertained is a top priority for most people, another one they should bear in mind is staying informed.

Watch Canal 13 Live cooking shows Online In Chile

The love of cooking exists in most cultures across the world. The spices and wonder contained in the South American cooking tradition can be witnessed on Canal 13’s version of Master Chef.

As competitive as it always is, this version of Masterchef demonstrates the individuality of every nation’s tastebuds.

Definitely worth the watch, though it might make you a little hungry afterward…

Watch the news live on Canal 13 on the popular show Bienvenido

One unique feature about the Canal 13 site worth pointing out is the format in which it presents its news.

If you are interested in a certain topic, for example, let’s say the immigration situation in Peru, Canal 13 will have a lengthy news piece about that item in isolation.

A peculiar mix between current affairs, news, and documentary, Canal 13 presents a refreshing new take on the way in which the news is delivered.

An eternally evolving field of communication, Canal 13 is ahead of its game.

Moving on then to another innovative aspect of the streaming service: TELE 13.

You heard right. You can even listen to the radio on Canal 13.

Whether it be in the form of a podcast or a snippet of an interview, there is plenty of audio entertainment to keep you going on Canal 13.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the things that could grace your ears if you unblock Canal 13 using Ivacy VPN.

You can get full-blown special features like this one that caught our eye: ESPECIAL – 50 AÑOS, HOMBRE EN LA LUNA.

An in-depth exploration of the first man on the moon, this audio gem would be an incredible addition to an otherwise dreary commute to work.

Stream sports videos on Canal 13

Sports 13 is another add on to Canal 13 where you can find a treasure trove of your favorite news items as well as snippet videos showing highlights of what goes on in the sporting world.

As we’ve demonstrated, Canal 13 is a brilliant addition if you want to watch a range of entertainment in the Spanish language.

Unblocking Canal 13 couldn’t be easier with Ivacy VPN

We’ve detailed the 3 easy steps above, and also told you about the amazing content that you can access with them.

It seems like an absolute no brainer doesn’t it – and it really is as easy as it sounds.

Canal 13 is home to innovative content that you can stream – make sure you take advantage of this with Ivacy VPN.

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