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How to Set Up US Netflix with Ivacy VPN

When it comes to setting up Ivacy on your device(s), it will be a breeze. Apart from the blazing fast speeds we offer, the entire process of acquiring true internet freedom with impenetrable security is the best in the industry.

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Mediaset España was launched in 1989 and was called Gestevisión Telecinco when it was first introduced. Later on, the company moved on to acquiring it’s very first private free-to-air analogic terrestrial TV broadcasting in Spain.

If you’ve lived in, or are currently living in Spain, we get how incredibly fulfilling having one platform that will let you watch the top shows, movies, news, and events, in Mediaset España  probably feels. So much so, that’s probably hard to imagine a life without Mediaset online, right?

Unfortunately, the parent company Mediaset Online, and Mediaset España itself, are platforms that are subject to geo-blocking outside Spain and some parts of Italy. This means that if you’re traveling, or plan to live abroad for a while, you might have to miss out on your shows, movies, Spanish news, and basically, all of Mediaset España until you get back to Spain.

This happens because some platforms, much like Mediaset Online like to maintain an air of exclusivity by restricting their operations to a certain audience in a certain region. Other times geo-blocking happens is when the operations or the content hosted on a channel starts clashing with the censorship laws of a country, such as in Saudi Arabia, or even China.

But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom. If you really want to unblock and access Mediaset Online channels outside Spain, we’ve got just the thing for you. With Ivacy VPN, you can not only unblock the Mediaset Online channels, but also all the other websites that appear to be blocked in your country.

Let’s talk about how Ivacy can help you unblock Mediaset Online from anywhere in the world.

How Ivacy lets you access Mediaset live stream outside Spain

Ivacy works by completely masking your original IP address and replacing it with a pseudo-IP address by connecting you to a server in Spain. This way, if you’re looking to catch Mediaset live stream, you can simply switch on the Ivacy app, connect to the internet from a server in Spain, and watch mediaset live stream to your hearts content.

This way you won’t have to miss out on any of your favorite shows, news, movies or events because you can access Mediaset online anytime you want, regardless of where you are in the world right now.

Is accessing Mediaset online with Ivacy safe?

Not only is it safe to access Mediaset online with Ivacy and watch Mediaset live stream as much as you want, but it will also make sure to keep your personal and private data safe from hackers and snoopers.

Ivacy does this by providing its users tons of additional highly efficient security features like a dedicated kill switch, split tunneling, DDoS and malware protection and even 256-bit military grade encryption.

The encryption will make sure that the entire communication between your server and the internet is encrypted, so that no one without a decryption key will be able to understand what you’re doing online. This will not only keep your online browsing and activities fully private, giving you total control over your online privacy, but will also make sure that hackers and snoopers cannot get their hands on your data and use it to exploit you.

What other devices can I watch Mediaset España online with Ivacy on?

Don’t want to restrict yourself to only your laptop of your PC when watching Mediaset España online? Don’t worry! Ivacy is available on tons of different devices that you can switch between, not just for watching Mediaset España online, but also for streaming literally anything!

You can download the app on your android phone, your iPhone, your Macbook, your Android TV, and your Xbox to name a few devices. Additionally, Ivacy also had its own dedicated Kodi VPN, so if you’re a fan of Kodi, you shouldn’t have issues all the best content libraries on it!

Final words

Missing out on the shows, events and movies on a channel that you’ve been following forever, hurts—and no one should have to do that. With Ivacy, you can unblock and stream mediaset online anytime, from any corner of the world.