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How To Watch CW Live Stream Online Outside US

You can watch CW live stream outside the United States in three incredibly easy steps:

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign up For Ivacy VPN Account & Get Your Credentials.

Step 2


Open the Ivacy app and connect to an American server.

Step 3


Watch CW Live Stream from anywhere in the world.

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CWTV is a TV broadcasting network in the USA and is a joint venture of the popular CBS entertainment and Warner Bros Entertainment. It can be observed in the service name, which is made of the first letters of both the owning companies. CW Live Stream Online provides an easy option for its users to watch their favorite TV shows, including sports, news, drama series, and movies, and get rid of the cord cable connection. This is why it has become one of the most popular streaming platforms in the USA.

Updated 1 Jan 2024: This page is updated with the most recent information. It now educates readers about the latest TV shows worth watching on The CW in 2024.

CWTV, although it has a massive amount of content available for viewers of various ages and tastes in TV, the platform does own the right to broadcast it to the entire world. Moreover, the channel’s primary audience is in the US, so there is no point in buying the rights anyway.

The CW network has put a geo-block on their online platform, similar to every popular streaming service. This way, any user from outside the US will not be able to get their hands on it. Whether you are a US resident and traveling internationally or someone from anywhere abroad, you cannot access the CW live stream directly.

The geo-block does not eliminate your chances of watching CW from outside the US, though; it does make the process a bit lengthy. By using Ivacy VPN, you can access CW from anywhere in the world and watch your favorite content uninterruptedly. To understand everything in detail, keep on reading.

How Does CW Live Streaming Block You From Accessing the Channel

Every user trying to access the CW live stream from outside the US receives the same error message, telling them that the content they are trying to access is blocked for their region. This means CW servers get to know every user’s location and decide which access to approve and which to stop.

The question is, How? Every device that connects to the internet has a unique IP address. The Internet Service Providers assign IP addresses, and every region has a different series. Though each IP address is different, devices in the same area have a similar IP address. The CW servers can read the IP addresses of their users and therefore track their actual location.

This way, they can differentiate between the local users from the US and the international users. Next, they put a filter and only allow local users to access the live stream while the rest get blocked, which is a strategy used by almost every other geo-blocked website.

How does a VPN let you Watch The CW Live stream Online through CW App?

VPN or Virtual Private Network services are designed to allow users to hide their IP addresses and get a new one to trick the online website about their location and access all the content they want. How is it possible?

It is just that the VPN services have their servers in almost every country. Whenever you connect to a VPN server of any city or country, your VPN service masks your original IP address so that your location can no longer be tracked. Next, it encrypts your IP address and makes it look like your chosen region’s IP address.

Now, irrespective of where you are based and accessing the internet from, any website you access will get the location of the server you are connected to right now. So let’s say you are based in Australia and want to watch the latest episodes of Vampire Diaries.

Open your VPN application and connect to a US server, and within a few seconds, your IP address will be changed. Now you can watch the CW live stream online and enjoy your favorite show.

How can Ivacy VPN help you watch CW live stream online?

Ivacy VPN is a popular VPN service used and trusted by users worldwide. It has been the user’s choice for unblocking geo-restricted websites and providing security from data thefts and cyber attacks. If you wonder how Ivacy VPN can help you watch the CW live stream online, you need to understand how it works. This will give you a clear idea of how it does that and why you should buy it.

    • Ivacy VPN masks the IP address of your devices as soon as you connect to any of the available VPN servers. Next, it looks like the IP address of the city or country you have chosen. This trick works the best when you are looking forward to getting access to CW from outside the US, as it makes it impossible to distinguish the CW servers whether you are actually in the US or not.
    • Ivacy VPN has made its place in the market by offering exceptional services to its users. The VPN provides a seamless streaming experience to its users by eliminating ISP throttling, offering higher bandwidths and a high-speed internet connection. The VPN provider has gained the trust of its users and has been voted the Fastest VPN at the BestVPN awards.
    • Ivacy VPN is the most secure VPN out there, placing considerable focus on the security and privacy of its users with the 256 – bit encryption. It allows users to stream online websites from anywhere in the world without worrying about data theft or threat of any kind. This means you don’t have to jeopardize your online security when you set out to enjoy CW live stream.

The CW App

With the excellent CW app, your access to the live stream gets expanded as it can be downloaded on mutiple devices. Moreover, it comes with every major streaming service, allowing you to access your favorite shows and movies directly from your laptop or TV screen. But since the service is free, you may have to bear with the nuisance of ads and limited episodes of popular TV shows. Yet the service is hugely popular as it provides a cord-free TV solution to the users without a cable login and free of cost.

Devices supported by the CW App

The CW application can be downloaded on many different devices, giving its users a wide variety of devices to choose from according to their convenience and availability.

      • Roku

Getting the CW app on Roku is very simple. Connect your Roku stick or set-top box to your TV and turn it on; go to the Home screen, and here look for the search option. Search for the CW app and add it to your channel list. That is it; you can now access it whenever you want to without making any account.

      • Chromecast

Similar to Roku, Chromecast can also be connected to your TV. All you need to do is connect your Chromecast and mobile phone to the same wifi and open the CW application on your phone. Using the Chromecast option, select your TV and start playing your favorite TV show or movie. It will be displayed on your TV.

      • Airplay

Airplay is an option that allows you to stream a video through your iPhone or iPad to your TV. This option can be used only if your device supports Airplay or using Apple TV. The process is simple: play any movie or TV show using the CW application on your iOS device and share it using Airplay to your TV and enjoy watching it on a bigger screen.

      • Apple TV

If you are using Apple TV with your TV, you can watch CW live stream. Open the channel store, download the CW application, and directly access the application to watch your favorite TV shows and movies.

      • Xbox One

To watch CW live online stream on your Xbox One, you only need to download the application. Following that, directly access the application without signing up or creating an account and continue watching the live stream.

Similarly, you can also download the application to your Amazon Fire TV, Android smartphones, and iPhones using the store and enjoy your favorite content on the device of your choice.

How can I watch the CW Livestream online in the UK?

Watching CW live stream in the UK is a bit more complex than watching it in the US due to the geo-restrictions. Still, you can do it effortlessly if you follow the guidelines below.

First of all, visit the Ivacy VPN online website and choose a plan according to your needs. Enter your card details, start your free trial and wait for the email to arrive. In the email, you will receive your Ivacy VPN account credentials. Download Ivacy VPN using your device’s app store and use the account credentials to log in to the app.

Now choose any US VPN server from the list of servers available. Within a few seconds, you will be connected and ready to unblock the CW application in the UK. Open the CW app or online website and start streaming your favorite live stream. You will not receive any error or restriction now.

Other Options for watching CW live online stream

Apart from the official CW website and the official app, some other great options enable you to access CW, albeit they are paid.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV includes CW live stream and some other great channels such as NBC, CBS, Fox, and ABC. It offers several channel packages depending upon whether you are looking for basketball, soccer, golf, or boxing.

Fubo TV costs $44.99 for the first month and $54.99 every month afterward, after a 7-day trial.


Hulu with Live TV lets you access a massive library of on-demand content – classic and current TV shows, movies, and original programming, including a large cache of almost 60 channels, including CW shows.

Hulu costs $44.95 per month after a 7-day free trial.

YouTube TV

YouTube also offers to stream along with other outlets, including a great collection of entertainment channels besides the CW live stream, including CBS, ABC, NBC, AMC, and FX. You can even catch up on news channels such as Fox News, CNN, and BBC. YouTube allows you to connect up to six accounts with each subscription.

YouTube TV costs $49.99 per month after a 7-day trial.

Can you download CW Live Stream shows?

There are multiple options for watching CW channels without getting a cable connection. You can visit the online website and download the application on your android phones, iPhones, PC, Mac, Xbox, FireTV, and Roku. Popular TV services like Youtube TV, FuboTV, DirecTV Now, and Hulu also come with the CWTV channel. You can choose any of the above ways to watch CWTV without cable.

The Top 8 TV Shows Available on CW Live Stream

Here are the three most highly rated and watched TV shows on CW live stream that you may be missing out on.

The CW Live Stream offers a variety of captivating TV shows that cater to different genres and audiences. Here are six top TV shows available on the CW Live Stream:


CW Live Stream

“Grimm” is a supernatural fantasy drama series that aired on The CW. It originally premiered on NBC but later found a home on The CW Live Stream platform, where it garnered a devoted following. Created by David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, “Grimm” combines elements of crime procedural, folklore, and fantasy, providing a unique and captivating viewing experience.

The show revolves around Nick Burkhardt, a homicide detective in Portland, Oregon, who discovers that he is a “Grimm,” a special kind of hunter tasked with maintaining the balance between humanity and mythological creatures known as “Wesen.” These Wesen are beings that can transform from human form into various animal-like appearances. As a Grimm, Nick inherits the responsibility of upholding the legacy of his ancestors by revealing and combating dangerous Wesen.


CW Live Stream

“90210” is a teen drama series that aired on The CW Live Stream platform. A spin-off of the popular 1990s series “Beverly Hills, 90210,” the show follows the lives of a group of teenagers and young adults residing in the upscale community of Beverly Hills, California.

The series revolves around Annie Wilson (Shenae Grimes) and her adopted brother Dixon (Tristan Wilds), who move to Beverly Hills from Kansas after their father, Harry, accepts the position of principal at West Beverly High School. The siblings navigate the social dynamics of their new surroundings, where the lives of the affluent and privileged clash with those from more modest backgrounds.


CW Live Stream

“Riverdale” follows the lives of Archie Andrews and his friends as they navigate the mysterious happenings in the small town of Riverdale. This captivating drama series combines elements of romance, crime, and suspense, keeping viewers hooked with its intriguing plotlines and memorable characters.

The Flash

CW Live Stream

Based on the popular DC Comics character, “The Flash” brings the superhero’s adventures to the small screen. The show follows Barry Allen, a forensic scientist turned speedster, as he uses his incredible powers to protect Central City from metahuman threats. With its thrilling action sequences and engaging storytelling, “The Flash” has become a fan-favorite among superhero enthusiasts.


CW Live Stream

“Supernatural” is a long-running series that explores the supernatural adventures of brothers Sam and Dean Winchester. As hunters of all things paranormal, they travel across the country, battling ghosts, demons, and other creatures. With its mix of horror, drama, and humor, “Supernatural” has garnered a dedicated fan base over the years.


CW Live Stream

A spin-off of “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals,” “Legacies” takes place in the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, where supernatural beings learn to control their powers. The show follows a new generation of witches, vampires, and werewolves as they navigate teenage life while dealing with the threats that come with their heritage.


CW Live Stream

“Batwoman” introduces viewers to Kate Kane, who takes up the mantle of Batwoman to protect Gotham City. The series follows her journey as she fights crime and confronts her own personal demons. With its strong female lead and compelling storytelling, “Batwoman” brings the iconic superheroine to life on the CW Live Stream.

All American

CW Live Stream

Inspired by the life of former NFL player Spencer Paysinger, “All American” tells the story of a talented high school football player from South Los Angeles who is recruited to play for a Beverly Hills high school team. The show explores themes of identity, race, and socioeconomic divisions while delving into the challenges faced by young athletes in pursuit of their dreams.

Veronica Mars

This series centers around Veronica Mars, a high school and later college student who moonlights as a private investigator under her detective father’s guidance. Following the murder of her best friend and the removal of her father as county Sheriff, Veronica dedicates her life to solving the toughest mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune. Each episode features Veronica tackling a different stand-alone case while also working towards unraveling a more complex mystery​​​​.


Smallville details the life of a young Clark Kent in the town of Smallville, Kansas, as he struggles to accept Earth as his home while learning to harness his alien powers for good. The series follows his journey through teenage life, high school, college, and his early days at the Daily Planet before he eventually takes on the persona of Superman. This series offers a unique look at the early life of one of the most iconic superheroes​​​​​​.

Wild Cards

Wild Cards is a crime-solving procedural with a comedic twist. The show centers around an unlikely duo: a by-the-book, sardonic cop named Cole Ellis, played by Giacomo Gianniotti, and a spirited, clever con woman named Max Mitchell, portrayed by Vanessa Morgan. The plot unfolds as Ellis, a demoted detective relegated to the maritime unit, crosses paths with Max, who leads a transient life filled with elaborate scams. While under arrest, their paths converge when Max assists Ellis in solving a local crime.

Children Ruin Everything

Children Ruin Everything is a comedic television series that explores the challenges and changes faced by a young couple, Astrid and James, as they navigate parenting their two young children. The show sheds light on the transition of welcoming children into one’s life, often humorously highlighting how parenting can reshape one’s world. The episodes cover various aspects of parenting and the couple’s attempt to maintain their identities and relationships amidst the chaos and responsibilities of raising children.

Son of a Critch

Son of a Critch is a Canadian television comedy series created by Mark Critch and Tim McAuliffe, based on Critch’s memoir. The semi-autobiographical series follows the adolescent Mark growing up in the 1980s in Newfoundland and Labrador. It depicts 11-year-old Mark’s experiences as he starts junior high school, makes friends, and interacts with a limited circle of people.


Heartland is a Canadian family drama. The show is set in the rolling foothills of the Rockies and revolves around the Fleming family, who own a horse ranch called Heartland. The series focuses on the life of Amy Fleming, who possesses the unique ability to heal abused or damaged horses. Along with her grandfather, Jack, and older sister, Lou, Amy faces various challenges and adventures while dealing with the struggles of running the ranch.

These top TV shows available on the CW Live Stream offer a mix of drama, action, suspense, and supernatural elements, providing viewers with an array of captivating storylines and characters to enjoy.


Can I watch CW live stream for free?

CW live stream can be accessed using multiple options like online website, mobile, and desktop applications without paying a penny. However, the platform can only be streamed in the US if accessed directly. Therefore, international users will need to buy a VPN service to stream the free platform at their location. By connecting to a US server, users outside the US can also enjoy the CW live stream for free.

How to watch Vampire Diaries outside the US?

First, connect to a US VPN server using the Ivacy VPN service, then access the CW application on your streaming device and search for the TV show to watch it anywhere outside the US.

Can I use the CW app outside the US?

The short is No, you cannot use the CW app outside the US directly. However, if you are using Ivacy VPN and connected to a US server,

How to use the CW app?

CW application can be downloaded easily using the app store of your device. Furthermore, you need no account or sign up and can directly access it to watch your favorite TV content. If you are outside the US, use Ivacy VPN to connect to a US VPN server and enjoy watching.