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Here is how you can Unblock American Netflix on Roku!

Netflix on roku

Roku: What is it?

Just like Chromecast and Firestick, the “Roku box” is the simplest way to stream video to your TV. Roku happens to be a 6-inch square-shaped device that works with TVs, which can be used to watch movies and TV shows.

Roku enables you to watch free as well as paid video content on your TV through the internet. Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. and more are pre-loaded on Roku just like most apps come loaded on the smartphones.

Roku is currently offering Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, Roku Express, and Express+, and you can choose according to your budget needs.

Setting up Netflix on Roku:

  • Plug the corresponding cables into your TV and the Roku box. Insert your network cables into the network port on Roku, to establish a wired connection. Connect both of the opposite ends with an open network port on the router. However, do note that wireless connections may require the name and security password once you have turned on everything.
  • Turn your TV and Roku ON to initiate the setup process. Select “Wired” or “Wireless” as a network connection.
  • Now, select the Netflix icon appearing on your TV screen with the Roku remote to launch Netflix.
  • Follow the directions as they appear on your screen and note down the activation code as per the screen.
  • Log in to Netflix, go to “Your Account & Help” and scroll to “Watching Instantly on your TV or Computer.” Click on “Activate” and enter the activation code you received earlier.
  • Verify that Netflix on Roku has recognized and verified your Netflix account and that the activation code is accepted. You will then have access to your Netflix queue and be able to select and watch movies.

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Roku Features that you may not have known about before:

Here are some of the Roku functions that you must know about to get the best out of the Roku experience:

  1. Talking to Roku:

One of the easiest ways you can have your way around Roku is by talking to it. However, to be able to do this, you should have either of the following along with the Roku mobile app:

  • Roku Voice Remote
  • Roku Touch tabletop remote

On the remote, press the microphone and hold it while you speak your request. Over the app, select the magnifying glass to get to the search page and then tap the microphone, let it go, say your command, and draw in the center of the screen.

You can also use Google Assistant in this regard, to make voice requests. However, you need first to ensure that your Roku player is running OS 9.0 or higher and that, Roku TV has OS 8.2. To use Google Assistant on Roku, open the Google Assistant mobile app, and then tap Explore > Settings > Home Control > Add Device > Find > Roku.

  1. Searching Globally:

You need to have advanced search options if you happen to be looking for something specific. Rather than scrolling through what every Roku channel has to offer, you can search across all of them. When you tap the magnifying glass in the Roku search box, you will be getting results spanning around 100 channels, whether you have them or don’t. You have the option of searching according to the title, actor, or director, and you will get a complete list.

You can use the same feature to compare the incurring cost of the streaming content that is available. Type in a movie or show, and you will get a complete list of prices.

  1. Auto Volume Leveling:

Roku OS 9 enables you to turn on automatic volume leveling so that any commercial doesn’t result in the volume getting too loud. Therefore, you won’t be disturbed all of a sudden, when you are in the middle of watching your favorite TV show.

However, you can only turn on this feature when you are streaming.

Does Roku need the Internet to Function?

It stands to be one of the most pertinent questions that people have regarding the internet from people that happen to be interested in getting rid of their cable. However, the answer is NO! To stream any content, you will need an internet connection, primarily because the internal storage isn’t available with Roku.

However, it can prove much cheaper for you to have an internet-only plan once you take into account all of the hidden fees in a cable bundle.

How does Roku function with Cable?

  • The benefit of Roku:

Roku can prove to be beneficial for those willing to keep their cable subscription. More or less, every major cable network has channels available with Roku. If you have subscribed to a cable provider, such channels will allow you to log in with your cable TV credentials.

The cable channel’s Roku version has more content available, and also happens to be better organized. The majority of the users usually use Roku along with the cable subscription and prefer to do 90% of their viewing through Roku.

  • Roku VS Cable TV experience:

However, do note that while Roku can replace cable TV, it offers an entirely different viewing experience. Watching cable is a passive viewing activity, whereby you sit down and keep on flipping channels until you come upon something that you particularly like.

The Roku experience tends to be different since it happens to be an active viewing experience. All of the available content is on individual channels that you have pre-selected on your Roku. Therefore, Netflix on Roku happens to be a highly personalized way to watch TV. You are enabled to seek for yourself, precisely what you want to watch.

However, there can be a few things you would have to research if you want to replace them on Roku. For instance, you can watch ESPN without the use of cable, but it would involve a subscription to Sling TV. But, all in all, the entire range of quality TV that you can watch on cable TV is also available with Roku TV.

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Encountering problems on Netflix on Roku? Here are a few Solutions:

Are you facing issues with Netflix on Roku? Well, you are not alone and one of the many Netflix users going through these issues. As it so happens, sometimes Netflix ceases to work without any reason, and you are unable to figure out the exact reason for this. However, there is no need to worry.

If you are relying on Roku to fulfill your entertainment needs, here are a few ways that you can fix Netflix on Roku if it stops working:

  • Check the Network Settings:

A prevalent issue, this proves to be a culprit more than half of the time. Often Roku can lose connection to your Network. In this case, you must check your network settings by going to Home > Settings > Network and verifying whether you are still connected. Here you can also check your connection to test your network. Roku’s customer support contains a list of error codes, which can aid you in identifying your connectivity problems.

If things appear to be okay in this respect, it is now time to check up on the router and ensure that it’s connected. Considering the kind of Roku device you have, it would be beneficial to switch from a wireless connection to a wired one with Ethernet. If this doesn’t solve the issue either, check with your ISP.

  • Look for Updates:

After some time has passed, apps can start malfunctioning if they haven’t received any software updates. Therefore, simply updating your app could ensure its flawless functioning. Usually, Netflix on Roku looks for updates whenever it’s turned on or even after every 24 hours at a time. However, you have the option of manually checking for updates by going to:

Home > Settings > System > Software Update > Check Now

That’s how you can manually check for both system updates and app updates.

  • Checking Account on Netflix on Roku:

If the app is incurring issues in playing videos, the problem may have been stemming from your Netflix Account. Check the account to see whether your subscription has renewed properly. It may be possible that you recently changed your credit card, and if so, you may need to update it accordingly with the new details. Another related cause could be your subscription plan. As is common knowledge, Netflix offers differing pricing plans limiting the number of simultaneous streams allowed on your account.

Therefore, if you find out that others in your household are sucking up on your account, you could consider either upgrading the subscription plan or removing another one of the users to speed it up!

  • Re-Downloading the Netflix on Roku app:

An incredibly easy solution is to uninstall and re-download the Netflix app. The downside is that all of your login info gets removed from the device, but since it formulates a complete reboot of the app, any issues that you have been facing will get cleared up immediately.

  • Restarting Netflix on Roku:

If all else has failed, you must try the old age method of turning the device on and off again. It works more often than not. Try giving your Roku a little reboot by unplugging it for a few seconds. Now, plug it back in and then turn on the device. You must wait for at least a minute before you get back to Netflix and start streaming.

Hopefully, now you know what to do when you find out that Netflix on Roku isn’t functioning correctly. You will be able to use these tips to help you get your Netflix to working conditions.

Watching American Netflix on Roku with a VPN!

The American version of Netflix is right now, the fullest and most significant. People outside the USA, however, cannot access it due to the various geographical restrictions in place by the content providers. As a consequence, streaming fans have to rely on the different versions of Netflix that contain fewer titles.

Therefore, if you are also based outside of the USA and happen to be a true streaming fan, and cannot afford to miss the next episode of “Narcos,” you can unblock Netflix USA by signing up for a Netflix VPN. A VPN service can enable you to bypass any IP address restrictions in place by Netflix by effectively changing the region you connect to Netflix with.

Selecting the best VPN to watch Netflix on Roku:

Selecting a VPN can be a bit tricky since every VPN presents itself as the best in the game and tries to impress customers through aggressive marketing campaigns. However, Ivacy remains one of the best VPNs you can get at a meager rate. It is one of the oldest VPNs in the industry, and when we look from a streaming standpoint, it has the speeds necessary to sustain Netflix streaming, having won BestVPN’s 2019 award for the fastest VPN in the world.

Here are some of the other advantages that you can make use of while using a VPN such as Ivacy, apart from, of course being able to unblock Netflix:

  • Strong Encryption:

A VPN can completely encrypt all of your online data, thus ensuring that all of your online activity is secure and hidden. Thus, saving you from all kinds of online threats that you could be facing while using Roku. It becomes particularly beneficial when you are traveling and thus connecting to unsecured WI-FI hotspots, making you vulnerable to hacker attacks.

  • Ensuring Anonymity:

Despite what the government says or claims and despite what the ISPs have to say regarding the matter, it is an unfortunate truth that internet user’s data is actively logged and their browsing activity spied on. A VPN functions by masking your original IP address and replacing it with the VPN’s server. That is why the higher the number of servers, the better it is, and Ivacy has that high number of servers.

  • Downloading:

Apart from other uses, an important aspect of the online experience is that of downloading. You may want to download torrent files from BitTorrent or another torrent site, and doing so from your original IP is never a good idea. That is where the VPN comes in since it doesn’t just run on streaming devices such as Roku but computers and smartphones as well. You see, online piracy is a crime and may result in DMCA notices or even fines if you engage in that practice and get caught.

  • Online Shopping:

It is a common truth that many online retailing giants charge different prices based on where a particular user is accessing their website. Therefore, a shopping website may charge a consumer from the USA $20 or $30 more, considering that the consumer comes from an affluent region as compared to the Latin American region. Therefore, using a VPN might save you a lot of money.

How to FIX the Netflix Proxy Error issue?

Get ivacy VPN and fix the famous Netflix Proxy Error with ease. Ivacy VPN has dedicated servers for Netflix, which eliminates any chance of detection. Other VPNs don’t offer this service, and the result is a proxy error.

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