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Everything you need to know about Ivacy VPN

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How Ivacy VPN Works?

You can get Ivacy working in just a few seconds. Download, install, a few clicks or taps, and you are connected to your desired location.

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Ivacy offers dedicated apps for all the major platforms including Android, iOS, Mac, & Windows. You can download our one-click app on your device, PC, or laptop. You’re halfway through the process already!

Choose from 100+ locations

Now that you have the app running, select from our 100+ server locations and access the content you want. Check our list of 100+ locations!

Do It the Smarter Way

Ivacy is equipped with smart Purpose Selection Tool that helps you connect with the best server, based on your particular purpose. Be it streaming, anonymous browsing, P2P file-sharing, or any other task, you will get the best connection with our Purpose Selection feature.

Connect to be Invincible!

Just click or tap on the Connect button and you are successfully connected to your desired location. Now you can do whatever you want in the cyber world. Yes, it is that simple!