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Why You Need a VPN for Torrenting

Most of the users tend to use BitTorrent and uTorrent for torrenting purposes. Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing and torrenting activities over the internet are vigilantly monitored in United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries around the world. Why so? For the very reason that these P2P networks, such as BitTorrent and uTorrent are supposed to help data hackers gain access to copyrighted material available online.

Ivacy is a torrent VPN service that provides a one-step, fast and secure solution to this. With hyper-active security and privacy regime in place, Ivacy – the best torrent VPN gives you the ultimate freedom to torrent without any fear. Enjoy complete security and anonymity online while using our services to download, upload, and share songs, movies, e-books, etc. over the internet.

Defining reasons to use the best VPN for Torrenting:

  • To prevent ISP Monitoring
  • To gain Unauthorized Access to Data
  • To Avoid DMCA Notices
  • To Overcome Speed Throttling
  • To overcome Bandwidth Limitations
  • To gain Online Anonymity
7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Is Torrenting Legal and Ethical?

Downloading torrents is deemed illegal in many countries. That’s the very reason why countries have strict anti-piracy laws in place.

Downloading copyrighted material without prior permission of the owner is strictly prohibited in various countries around the world. And if a user is caught downloading torrents of copyrighted property, (s)he is liable to be prosecuted for violation of copyright law within the jurisdiction of a country.

It is a fact that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) tend to monitor online activities of torrent users. They do so to check any violation of copyright laws. On the other hand, a torrent VPN service helps users to download their desired and favorite torrents, ensuring that the ISP does not interfere in torrenting activities. Using a torrent VPN is totally legal and ethical.

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If I use a VPN while downloading torrents will I get caught?

Torrent does not itself provide the required safety to users. Downloading or sharing a torrent is ultimately a risky business. When you download a torrent file without using a VPN service, everyone, using the torrent client knows that you have downloaded that file. It means that by downloading a torrent file without using a VPN, you are compromising on your identity, privacy and security. And to mask your identity, you have to use a torrent VPN.

How to Remain Safe While Torrenting? Using a VPN for torrent gives you an added advantage. A VPN service encrypts the torrent file, making it nearly impossible and a hard nut to crack for online hackers and cyber criminals. A torrent VPN not only encrypts the torrent file, but also hides the user’s original IP address, so that no external or third party influencer can breach a user’s privacy. Thereby, a torrent VPN service, like Ivacy, makes a user anonymous online and safeguards a user’s identity and privacy.

In order to remain anonymous and safe over the internet while torrenting, you must use only the best VPN for torrenting. A VPN that supports torrenting activities and P2P file sharing mechanism. Do remember to pick a torrent VPN service that don’t keep user logs. Therefore, there is no way that any ISP, online hackers, or surveillance agencies can associate any torrenting activities with you.

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Why Ivacy is the best VPN for torrenting?

With lightening fast speed and optimum performance on all P2P optimized servers, strategically located in more than 100 locations around the world, Ivacy- the best torrent VPN gives you the greatest return on your investment. With impenetrable security, and foolproof privacy settings, you remain anonymous and utterly safe, while you remain online.

With smart purpose selection tool, unlimited server switching, five multi logins, efficient customer support team, and affordable pricing, you get the true internet freedom, only second to none.

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Our Incredible and Awesome Features

P2P File Sharing and 15+ attributes that make Ivacy the best VPN Service

200+ Servers Worldwide

With newly developed infrastructure, we now have more than 200 P2P optimized servers strategically stationed at 100+ locations worldwide.

Unlimited Server Switching

We are everywhere! Anywhere you go, you can switch as many servers at as many times as you want. It’s just a click away.

Smart Purpose Selection Tool

Custom configure Ivacy VPN client on your systems and smart devices with the Smart Purpose Selection Tool. Select your desired purpose from our user-friendly dropdown menu.

P2P Optimized Servers

Torrent flawlessly, while you remain anonymous online, with our P2P optimized servers. Share your torrent files with breathtaking speed like never before.

5 Multi Logins

Connect the best VPN for torrenting on five different devices with a single account. Let it be a personal computer, a laptop, a smart phone, etc. It supports all of them.

One-of-its-kind Split Tunneling

Route all your important data through our Ivacy VPN. You can split and prioritize important data traffic to pass through– the world’s best torrent VPN service.

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