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Netflix VPN - How to unblock Netflix outside US

Use Ivacy, the top Netflix VPN to safely and securely beat geo-restrictions and access all Netflix content

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Why Netflix VPN

Ivacy is tailer built to work with Netflix. Our servers are specially optimized to unblock US Netflix and lets you stream your local Netflix from abroad at high definition, without compromising on your account.

  • Never miss your favorite shows wherever you are
  • Unlimited bandwidth for buffer-free Netflix streaming
  • Advanced 256-bit encryption for your accounts safety
  • Run Netflix on up to 6 devices simultaneously
  • 30 days money back guarantee + 24/7 Live support

Why you should access Netflix US?

Depending on where you are located, you will get access to a different Netflix library. Over 5400 latest Tv shows and movies are present on the US Netflix but the UK, Europe, Australia, and Central America only get access to a fraction of the Netflix catalog.

CountryNo. of TV ShowsNo. of Movies% of US TV Library% of US Movie Library
United States11574593100%100%
United Kingdom442158638.20%34.53%

Netflix US has the largest library of content available, which is not the case with the other regions where Netflix is available. This can be frustrating considering the fact that users are paying the exact same price for a Netflix subscription, although they are not getting the full Netflix experience.

Fortunately, there is a Netflix VPN to solve this problem

If you want to access Netflix and all of its content outside the US, then you need to take advantage of a Netflix VPN such as Ivacy. Here’s how:

Sign up for Ivacy and download
the Ivacy Chrome Extension

Open the extension,
click on the Purposes tab

Select Streaming and
click on the Netflix US Channel.

Once you connect to Ivacy’s Netflix US channel, you can access Netflix US and enjoy all that Netflix has to offer!

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To name a few, here are some of the most popular TV Shows and Movie titles you can unblock with a Netflix VPN

  • Futurama
  • Family Guy
  • House
  • Madmen
  • 30 Rock
  • The Walking Dead
  • The West Wing
  • The Hunger Games
  • New Girl
  • Lost
  • Frasier
  • Skyfall

and around 3,000 more…

Geoblocking is causing you to miss out on over 60% of the potential entertainment and exciting new shows, it’s time to change that

Get a Netflix VPN, get Ivacy VPN

  • Gain access to full Netflix US catalog of movies and TV shows upon signing up
  • Enjoy your local Netflix when abroad
  • Experience buffer free Netflix streaming courtesy our unlimited bandwidth
  • Switch to any Netflix region of your liking and enjoy exclusive content
  • You also get to stream Netflix UK, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player etc
  • Stream Netflix on overseas and public wifi hotspot without compromising your accounts safety

And much, much more...

Want to access your native Netflix account?









You can use Netflix based in any of these countries whilst being anywhere else in the world, all with a single click.


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Yes. Ivacy’s servers have fast, throttle-free access to Netflix streaming. If you’re seeing an error, chat with "Ivacy Support to get back online.

No. We’re assuming you already have one, or that you will sign up for one yourself. Ivacy does NOT come with a Netflix account, and it is not a replacement for Netflix. Rather, it complements your existing Netflix account to help you watch content at blazing-fast speed.
You can watch U.S. Netflix in the following ways:
  • On your laptop/desktop using our Ivacy app for Mac / Windows / Linux.
  • On your smartphone/tablet using our apps for iPad / iPhone / Android.
  • On your streaming media, such as Kodi or Consoles.
All VPNs have the potential to slow your internet connection, but Ivacy is one of the fastest, and users rarely notice a difference.
In fact, using a VPN might actually improve your connection if your ISP has been throttling Netflix traffic. In any case, if you do notice a drop in video quality, make sure you’ve selected the U.S. server closest to your actual location
If you’re using a streaming media device like an Apple TV, you may want to try watching Netflix by changing your DNS settings, a feature that is included with every Ivacy subscription. For more information, check out this guide to all the ways to watch Netflix.
With Ivacy, you can bypass censorship in certain countries that block access to sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Google. You can also browse the web privately and securely.
For problems securely accessing a specific website, please contact Live Chat Support.
As ridiculous as it may seem, Netflix has regional restrictions in place, but there is a reason as to why it has taken such a step.
Agreed, Netflix may have increased its presence in many countries around the globe, but the content available is nowhere near as to what is being offered when you watch US Netflix. Why does this happen? Well, it has to do with content licensing.
Countries have different laws for content licensing. So in the case of Netflix, the streaming service needs to acquire streaming licenses from licensing groups to make their content available.
Since studios, directors, and actors need to get their royalties, this is one way of making sure this happens. Come to think of it, Netflix isn’t actually to blame for geo-restrictions.
By abroad, if you are wondering if you can watch Netflix outside the US, then the answer is yes. Although Netflix has an unbelievable reach and is present in numerous countries, there are still a few places where it is not available for viewing. This can be quite frustrating for those that want to get their fix of Netflix Originals, which are mostly phenomenal.
Initially, Netflix was available in 60 countries, but they have managed to add 130 more regions and locations for their viewers from around the globe. As for countries where it is still not available, they are as follows:
  • China
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Crimea
As for why Netflix is not available in these countries, it has to do with the fact that Syria is a war-torn country, while China has firewall restrictions. For Crimea and North Korea, it is their relations with the US that prevent Netflix from establishing its presence there.
Even though Ivacy VPN can help you defeat geo-restrictions, and even Netflix’s VPN detection system, it still begs the question: is it legal?
If you are not up for illegally accessing content, that is completely fair. And if you are wondering whether it is illegal to use a VPN to access Netflix outside the US, you will be pleased to know that is not the case. Netflix does discourage the use of VPNs, and it has stated it in its Terms of Service, but it is not illegal in any way.
The primary reason why Netflix prevents users from using a VPN, apart from the money, is because it cannot guarantee that users will get the quality they are used to. With a VPN, there could be quality and streaming issues, and it does make sense for Netflix to maintain its stance in this regard.
Remember, if you want to access Netflix and all of its content outside the US, then you need to take advantage of Ivacy VPN. Apart from internet freedom and internet security, there are plenty of other features that make sure you do not have to worry about your personal and confidential information falling in the wrong hands either.
With the tools needed to unblock Netflix outside the US, make sure you use this information to your advantage. Rest assured, it will be worth your time, and that is a fact!

The Ivacy 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If our service doesn’t give you access to every single title on Netflix US, live up to our high-speed standards and geo-unlocking claims, and let you relax with full peace of mind as you enjoy your nights packed with entertainment, we’ll refund you every last penny!

Simply try Ivacy for 30 days and decide if you want to keep your access to the full Netflix experience at the end. There’s absolutely ZERO RISK