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How to Watch Popcorn Time using a Popcorn Time VPN (April 2023)

Popcorn Time VPN
Popcorn Time is an open-source BitTorrent client that has a built-in media player. The client makes it possible for users to stream high-quality video content across multiple platforms. The application is recommended as a suitable alternative to online video streaming channels and services.

Since the BitTorrent client utilizes P2P technology, most of the content available is copyrighted. This, in turn, means you will need to use a Popcorn Time VPN to avoid getting into trouble.

Attention Popcorn Time Users!

Streaming TV shows and movies on Popcorn Time could get you a DMCA notice. Use Ivacy VPN to stream all the movies and shows from anywhere with complete privacy.

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Is it Safe to Use Popcorn Time without a VPN in 2023?

Under no circumstance should you use Popcorn Time without a VPN. As mentioned earlier, Popcorn Time utilizes P2P technology, meaning a majority of the content available is copyrighted. This means by viewing said content you could get into trouble due to copyright infringement laws. Since your IP address is visible and your internet traffic passes through your ISP’s servers, tracking you will not be all that difficult.

How to Turn Off Popcorn Time VPN Warning?

For users, VPN warning in Popcorn Time may be annoying since it constantly pops up but the message is embedded into Popcorn time and so, there is really no way to turn it off as it is merely a fair warning. A warning to never use Popcorn Time without VPN protection and secondly, even if you are under VPN protection, make sure your VPN service provider is verified and is in the trusted list (in the latter case, use it at your own risk).

Do I need a VPN for Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is technically torrenting. It’s basically a torrent client that only works on movies and TV shows and lets you stream those media files as you’re downloading them. If you have super-fast internet, the movie will be stored in your hard drive before you even finish watching it so you can always go to that directory and start watching it offline from there instead of streaming it through the app.

And since it’s torrenting, you will have to use a Torrent VPN to stay secure online.

The reasons for using the best Popcorn Time VPN are many. Apart from protecting you from being tracked, it will ensure you remain safe and secure online.

Once connected to the best VPN for Popcorn Time, you will be assigned a new IP address. This depends on the region or server you selected beforehand. Basically, your original IP address is masked with a new one. Even though you may be in region A, your location will pop as though you are in region B.

On the other hand, the additional benefit of using Popcorn Time with a VPN is that you will gain unrestricted access to the internet. Since you can connect to as many servers as you like from different regions, you can gain access to content specifically created for that region in particular. Geo-restrictions are an unfortunate reality in this day and age, but they can be overcome with the help of a VPN, like Ivacy.

With the anti-privacy and data retention laws in place, using Ivacy VPN is a must in this day and age.

Is it safe to use Popcorn Time VPN?

Now that you know why you should not use Popcorn Time without a VPN, and how a VPN for Popcorn time can actually come in handy, it is only logical to have questions about its safety.

If you choose the best VPN service for Popcorn Time, like Ivacy, you will come to realize there is nothing for you to worry about. Ivacy’s Popcorn Time VPN has a zero log policy, which means none of your internet traffic is stored for any whatsoever. Additionally, your access is restricted to yourself alone, meaning no other third-party agency will have access to your account.

If you are more concerned about setbacks in regards to the service itself, there is no cause for alarm. With Ivacy VPN, you get premium features including and not limited to Internet Kill Switching, Public Wi-Fi Security, IPv6 Leak Protection, Smart DNS Protection, and 256-bit military-grade protection. These features ensure you remain secure, anonymous, and have true internet freedom like never, thus making Ivacy the best anonymous VPN for Popcorn Time.

How to Set up VPN on Popcorn Time

Once you have downloaded and installed Popcorn Time on your respective device, you will need to install Ivacy VPN for the aforementioned benefits. If you are wondering how to make this possible, here is what you need to do:

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy VPN.
  2. Download and install the app on your device.
  3. Access the app and select ‘Purpose’, after which you need to select ‘Maximum Anonymity/Security’.
  4. Once that is done, feel free to stream to your heart’s content using Popcorn Time.

Does Popcorn Time become Slow when Using a VPN?

This has largely to do with the connection speed you have and the VPN service provider you are using. It has been observed that a poor VPN can weigh heavily on your Popcorn Time streaming experience. Make sure to opt for a VPN with faster download speeds, such as Ivacy, you will not face any lagging issues in streaming.

Moreover, any decent VPN will mask your IP address to keep you anonymous in the eyes of your ISP. If not, then the stuttering issues you face might be due to speed throttling by your ISP. If you want to know all the details related to ISP throttling and how you can avoid it click here.

How to Use Popcorn Time without a VPN

Now there is no denying the fact that you can use Popcorn Time even without a VPN, but it is ill-advised. But if you wish to go about using without any protection, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep your device up-to-date with the latest software patches. If automatic updates are disabled, enable the feature immediately. Here is the official built for Windows.
  • Be extremely cautious about what you do online. To be on the safe side, back up your data to prevent data loss.
  • Avoid clicking on any ads whatsoever. No matter how good they may seem, it is simply not worth the risk, unless you want to become a victim of a ransomware attack.

These are just but a few steps you can take to protect yourself while using Popcorn Time online. Do keep in mind though the tips will barely make a difference, and will still leave you exposed to being tracked. This is exactly why a Popcorn Time VPN will ensure there is no stone left unturned when it comes to your online security and anonymity.

No matter what steps you may take, using Ivacy VPN is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Watch Popcorn Time on Different Devices

Popcorn Time is available across different platforms, such as Android, Mac, iPhone, and the iPad. If you are wondering how to get it for said devices along with Ivacy VPN, follow these instructions.

Watch Popcorn Time for Android

Popcorn Time for Android

To get Popcorn Time for Android, all you need to do is to visit the Play Store. Search for ‘Popcorn Time’ and install the app. Once that is taken care of, search for ‘Ivacy’ on the Play Store and install the VPN app to watch your favorite content safely and securely without having to worry about speed throttling from your ISP.

Watch Popcorn Time on iPad

Popcorn Time for iPad

Unlike Android, you will need to follow different steps to get Popcorn Time on your iPad. Head to Popcorn Time, and then follow the instructions provided therein regarding the iOS Installer to get Popcorn Time for your iPad.

Popcorn Time for iOS

You can then search for ‘Ivacy VPN’ on iTunes, and download and install the iOS VPN app for iPad and experience true internet freedom with complete protection.

Watch Popcorn Time on iPhone

Popcorn Time for iPhone

Getting Popcorn Time on the iPhone is no different from getting it on the iPad. Visit Popcorn Time, use the iOS installer to get Popcorn Time by following the instructions provided to get it on your iPhone.

Get Popcorn Time for iOS

For complete security and anonymity search for ‘Ivacy VPN’ on iTunes, and download the app for an experience like never before.

Watch Popcorn Time on Mac

Popcorn Time for Mac

You will need to take a different approach in order to get Popcorn Time for Mac. You can download and install the app from Popcorn Time’s site.

In order to get unbelievable speeds, impenetrable security, and protection, you can download and install Ivacy VPN for Mac by visiting this site.

Best Alternatives to Popcorn Time in 2023

If you are not comfortable using Popcorn Time, you can always choose from any one of many alternatives available out there. If you are not sure what alternatives are available, here are a few of the best to get you started:

Butter Project, also known as Butter, is a video-streaming service that utilizes the BitTorrent protocol. The purpose of this platform is to provide a legal base using which applications can provide streaming functionality.

  • Stremio

Stremio is the ultimate streaming platform for all your movie and TV show streaming needs. The platform is available for free, and you can use it to search everything from movies, TV shows, documentaries, anime, and much more.

While Netflix is a paid platform, it has a ton of exclusive content that will keep you entertained for hours on end. You will find all the movies, TV shows, documentaries, and anime you can possible want. Netflix is available on all major platforms, and is one of the most popular streaming platforms out there.

  • Duckie TV

Duckie TV that is the perfect application for users that want to sink their teeth into all the TV shows they can possibly think of. What is unique about Duckie TV is that it has a personalized TV calendar, giving you all the information you need to stay up-t0-date about your favorite TV shows.

Disney+ may be new to the scene, but it has a lot of content that will keep your coming back for more. Whether you want to watch your favorite Marvel movies and TV shows or go through the entire Star Wars catelogue, Disney+ is the way to go!

Amazon Prime Video may not be as massive as Netflix, but it has enough content to keep you entertained. Like Disney+ and Netflix this is a paid platform, but it is worth every penny.

Ivacy VPN is a complete solution for all your internet browsing needs unless you prefer getting hacked.

Free vs. Premium Popcorn Time VPN

If you are wondering why you should not stick to a free VPN rather than a premium one, you are not alone. You need to understand that bandwidth does not come for free. Free VPNs mostly offer limited bandwidth, which is shared with other free users. This means you will have slower speeds and can expose you to many risks online, considering how you really do not know what others may be doing with that limited bandwidth that is shared amongst free VPN users.

On the other hand, a premium VPN offers better security, bandwidth, and speed. You have numerous servers to choose from, which essentially means you will be able to browse smoothly. Additionally, you are at peace knowing your bandwidth is secure and none of your data is being compromised.

There is no denying the fact that Popcorn Time is the best free video streaming service. It gives users the opportunity to watch the latest movies and TV shows absolutely free of cost. But it should not be forgotten that you are vulnerable at all times while using Popcorn Time.

For this reason, entirely, it is a good idea to protect your privacy in the virtual world by using a VPN for popcorn time. It will be worth it, and there is no doubt about that.

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