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Why You Need A Secure VPN?

Public Wi-Fi

The only reliable way to ensure that your information is safe while using a public Wi-Fi is to get a secure VPN like Ivacy, while surfing on your PC, tablet or your smartphone.

Internet Banking

Stolen identities and online frauds have become a pressing concern. But, you can safely carry on all online transactions with the help of Ivacy VPN, worry free!

File Sharing

With a Secure VPN, your data is encrypted in a way that ensures that no one else can decipher it. You can easily share your content without the need to worry about your ISP getting its hands on your data.

Identity Theft

Online identity theft is very real and its effects cannot be underestimated. It can end up costing you thousands of dollars and stress, which you can avoid by securing your online identify through Ivacy VPN.

Third-Party Surveillance

A VPN won’t save you from third party surveillance unless it is located in overseas territory such as Ivacy, which operates out of Singapore.

Unblock Streaming

A Secure VPN like Ivacy allows you to unblock streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu from anywhere around the world.

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How does a secure VPN benefit you?

A number of VPN providers claim to be the best but not all of them are up to the task of securing your internet experience. However, here is how Ivacy VPN proves to be different:

256-Bit Encryption

Ivacy VPN uses the state of the art military grade encryption, considered as the best in the world, to protect your data.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Ivacy VPN provides the industry best, enterprise grade security which is why compromising with a not-quite-enterprise-grade solution, should not be an option for you.

Multiple Security Protocols

Ivacy supports all industry standard security protocols, enabling you to combat any possible threats online.


DDoS Protection

DDos attacks have the potential of derailing your entire computer system. However, only a robust VPN service such as Ivacy can protect you against DDos attacks.

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Nat Firewall

Ivacy’s NAT Firewall gives you an additional layer of much needed security since it blocks any un-requested inbound traffic on all devices connected to Ivacy, without any additional configuration.


Secure Downloading

With Ivacy’s P2P protection, you can download any content from the internet freely and securely.

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Secure your browsing in the best way possible

Securing your online experience has become more important than ever as the spying agencies and third parties on the Internet have become extremely invasive. Here are the 3 topmost measures that you can take for maximum online security:

  • Get a reliable VPN service

    A reliable and trustworthy VPN service such as Ivacy VPN can not only encrypt your data but also anonymize your presence online, which should be your biggest consideration when using the Internet.
  • Install an Anti-Virus

    An anti-virus can prove to be your best bet against malware and malicious programs that can install themselves on your computer when you visit un-secure websites.
  • Use a Firewall

    Use a reliable firewall to prevent unauthorized access to your system.
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How to setup the most secure VPN service

Installing and setting up Ivacy VPN on your devices is as easy as child’s play. You just need to follow three easy steps:

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Download and Install IvacyVPN
Easy-to-use application.
Connect to the server
that you desire to use.
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An Award-Winning VPN For 2019

Ivacy has remained a leading VPN provider in the industry for over a decade now, and has pioneered several widely accepted features like Split Tunneling. The company was also awarded the Fastest VPN Award in 2019 for its exceptional speed.

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