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How are VPNs Safe?

Internet users new to VPNs are mostly curious about the validity of claims made by VPN providers in regards to providing top-notch security online. But how can they tell if a VPN is really safe or not?

To determine whether a VPN is safe or not, users simply need to verify whether the VPN provider they are interested in operates in a region free from data retention laws, or any similar law for that matter. They also need to make sure the VPN provider does not keep any logs whatsoever, because even if there aren’t any data retention laws there VPN providers that still log information and sell it to third parties, mostly for financial gains.

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Benefits of a Safe VPN Service

Reliable VPNs, like Ivacy VPN, give internet users security, privacy and internet freedom like never
before. But there is more to VPNs than meets the eye.

Advanced VPN Security

Advanced Security

With advanced security features and military grade encryption, internet users can rest easy knowing they will never be compromised ever again. Military grade encryption, for instance, ensures internet traffic is locked down and hidden from third parties, hackers and even ISPs.

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Bypass Censorship

Bypass Censorship & Access Websites

Internet users can connect to do different VPN servers from different regions to access content which would have otherwise been unavailable to them. This way, internet censorship can be dealt with for good, giving internet users all the access they will ever need.

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Access Networks Remotely

Access Networks Remotely

Individuals and businesses that want to bolster security for their private networks can take advantage of the remote access feature. With it, networks will be limited to IPs that have been whitelisted. Any other IP will be restricted, thus preventing private networks from being compromised.

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Improved Connectivity

Improved Connectivity

VPNs hide users from even their own ISPs. This means, they will not have to worry about throttling issues ever again. No matter what service or site they use, they will get the blazing fast upload and download speeds, guaranteeing improved connectivity without lags or stutters.

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Features found in a Secure VPN

The following features can be found in a safe VPN, like Ivacy VPN, ensuring you have the best possible experience online.

Multitude of Servers

The greater the number of servers, the greater the level of accessibility internet users will enjoy. Ivacy has 1000+ servers in 100+ locations, giving internet users greater flexibility to access the internet as they see fit.

Live Chat Support

A VPN without live chat support available 24/7 is completely pointless. Ivacy VPN’s support is not only available 24/7, but they are extremely professional and knowledgeable, which makes all the difference in the world.

Multiple Protocols

VPNs must give users multiple protocols to choose from, i.e. IKEV, L2TP, UDP and TCP. Each protocol is designed to cater to different needs and requirements, which is a necessity for a customized online experience.

Apps For Mobile

A great VPN will have a dedicated app for all major mobile platforms. Ivacy VPN has dedicated apps for iOS, Android, and even Linux. This kind of support is essential in making sure internet users are safe and sound across the board.

No Logs Policy

If a VPN is logging your online activity, you are better off without it. Stick to VPNs that guarantee a no logs policy, like Ivacy VPN. Privacy is the right of every internet user, and nobody should have access to their logs.

Seamless Streaming

VPNs that allow you to defeat ISP throttling, will make it possible for you to have a seamless streaming experience. Ivacy VPN defeats ISP throttling and gives you the best upload and download speeds without compromising your identity in the process.

Multiple Device Support

VPNs that restrict a single subscription to a singular device fail to offer greater flexibility. Ivacy VPN’s subscription supports up to 5 devices simultaneously, ensuring each and every device remains protected.

Dedicated IPs

To secure private networks by limiting access to specific devices, you will need dedicated IPs to make that a reality. Ivacy VPN offers dedicated IPs to meet use cases, regardless of how outlandish they may seem.

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An Award-Winning VPN For 2019

Ivacy has remained a leading VPN provider in the industry for over a decade now, and has pioneered several widely accepted features like Split Tunneling. The company was also awarded the Fastest VPN Award in 2019 for its exceptional speed.

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Ivacy Goes Mobile

Ivacy app is available for both Android and iOS

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