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Disney Plus errors Fixed | A complete guide for Disney+ errors in 2023

disney plus error codes

Disney Plus hosts a myriad of family-friendly content from the insanely popular Disney franchises, including Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar. However,  Disney Plus subscribers are disproportionately affected by streaming errors as compared to the users of other apps and have faced considerably serious issues.

Just when you gear up to watch Agent Carter, as it so happens, you might come across a login issue or some a random Disney Plus error that leaves you wondering what to do.

Here, we have compiled a list of the most common Disney Plus error codes and what you can do about them, to make your streaming as stress-free as possible.

How to Fix the Disney Plus Errors

Encountering a Disney Plus error code? Do the following as a general guideline to deal with any Disney Plus error you are facing at the moment:

Configure your Internet Connection

It’s very basic but it just might work 9 out of 10 times. Since Disney Plus needs a minimum of 5.0 Mbps to deliver the best quality content, so you may need to reset your router when encountering connection issues.

The Sign-out, sign in Routine

You can go for the typical sign-out, sign in routine – another standard solution to a host of multiple Disney Plus related issues.

Delete and Re-install

Delete the Disney Plus app from your device and re-download it.

Disney Plus Error Codes: What do they mean and how to resolve them

Here are the most common Disney Plus Error codes and their solutions:

Error Code 5 – Account information issue

This Disney plus error appears when you enter incorrect login information.

Solution: Double-check the details you entered.

Error Code 11 – Content availability

This Disney plus error shows when the content you’re looking for, is not available due to geo-restrictions.

Solution: This error can go away with a robust Disney plus VPN service that changes your location.

Error Code 13 – Device limit reached

Disney Plus currently allows only four separate devices to be used with the service. If you exceed this limit, Disney Plus may not work anymore and you will get this error.

Solution: If you have a huge family/friends circle using a single Disney Plus connection, you will need to have them sign out of the ones they aren’t using, or come up with a schedule detailing each person’s timing.

Error Code 22 – Restricted content

Disney may restrict some programming depending on the mode you select, resulting in this error.


Ensure that you haven’t set the system to Kid’s mode by mistake.

Error Code 25 – Internal error

This Disney plus error occurs when Disney Plus is undergoing technical issues.


Try signing in and out, and that should do the trick. However, if the problem persists, contact Disney customer support.

Error Code 30 – Device registration issue

This Disney plus error occurs when your device is not compatible with Disney Plus.


Check to see if your device is in the list of the compatible devices here. If it isn’t, you will need to get one that is compatible.

Error Code 31 – Location issue

Disney Plus is entering new markets, but it isn’t available everywhere yet. Therefore, if you are using a proxy server to access it, you might encounter this Disney plus error.


Get Ivacy VPN and unblock Disney Plus in any part of the world you want.

Error Code 41 – Playback issue

There might be a chance that the message above pops up when someone is attempting to stream content on Disney+. This error usually pops up when an unusual amount of traffic is directed to a certain title in the Disney+ library.


This error can often be resolved by simply refreshing the Disney+ app or website. And if the problem persists, the user should contact the Disney+ Support Team.

Error Code 86 – Blocked account, breach of terms of service

This Disney plus error is by far the most serious one. It can happen if your location settings are incorrect, you have been using an unreliable free VPN to unblock Disney Plus or any other Disney Terms of service violation.


The only solution here is to contact the Disney Plus customer support or create another account entirely.

Error code 39 – Video cannot be watched

This Disney plus error involves streaming Disney Plus with the Xbox One app.


You need to ensure that you are not streaming Disney Plus with PC, mobile, or any other devices at the same time while using the Xbox One app. If that doesn’t work, change the HDMI port on your TV to your Xbox and that should do it.

Error code 83 – Something went wrong

Various social media users have highlighted this newly emerging Disney plus error. It seems to be one of the most significant issues that Disney Plus users face and the most prevailing and irritating one too. Facing it means your device is not compatible with Disney Plus.


You should connect to a WI-FI or try another compatible device to see if it works.

Error code 42 – Issues Connecting With Your Service

This Disney plus error is another common issue being faced by a lot of users, leaving them scrambling for solutions. Error 42 indicates problems connecting with the Disney Plus service caused due to a server error. Most people have this problem because their internet connection is not good enough, especially if they are streaming in 4K – a definition that uses excessive amounts of bandwidth and data.


You can try many troubleshooting solutions if that is the problem you’re facing. For instance, refresh your modem by disconnecting and then connecting again, and consider getting rid of bandwidth-consuming devices such as PlayStation or Xbox’s. You can also try clearing the browser cache.

Run an Okla speed test to find out your average speeds, and if it’s less than 5 Mbps, you need to get an upgrade.

Error code 73 – Location Unavailability

As the statement suggests, this error is generated when someone tries to access Disney+ in a geo-restricted region.


The best way to resolve this issue is to use Ivacy VPN to access Disney+. Connect to an Ivacy VPN server in the United States to gain access to Disney+. However, one must ensure that VPNs are legal in the region beforehand.

Error code 24 & 43 – Login Issues

These errors show that you are encountering issues while trying to log in.


Troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection.

Error code 4  – Payment Issues

This error occurs if you have used a card that belongs to a region where Disney is not available or has expired.


Check your payment details

Error code 76 – Slow Internet Speeds

This error can occur if Disney’s servers are experiencing traffic overload.


Uninstall your Disney Plus app and then re-install.

Error codes 7, 8, 32 & 87 – Email/Password Login Issue

This error indicates that Disney is having problems with the email or password you entered.


Check your email and password related details and ensure that you have entered the information correctly. Sign out and then sign in.

Error code 9 – Login/Payment Issue

This error indicates a problem with your login or payment.


Ensure that you haven’t logged out by mistake.

Error code 35/36 – Content Restricted

This error code appears when the content is restricted.


You should check the availability of the content you are trying to watch, configure the location settings, and ensure that you are not in the Kid’s mode.

Safest Way to Bypass Disney+ Errors

Since most of the errors on this list are possibly due to internet connectivity issues, users ought to resolve that issue first. Ivacy VPN has a fix for that since it can enable users to access the web safely and privately. And at the same time, it allows the user to enjoy access to a stable internet connection. Here is how to set up Ivacy VPN to bypass potential Disney+ errors:

  1. Sign up for an Ivacy VPN plan.
  2. Download and install the Ivacy VPN app.
  3. Log in to the Ivacy VPN account.
  4. Connect to a VPN server in the United States.
  5. Access the Disney+ platform.
  6. Log in to the Disney+ account.
  7. Enjoy streaming Disney+ from anywhere safely.

On a Final Note

All of the errors described above might bother users from time to time. And if the user is careful enough to resort to security tools like Ivacy VPN, the problem can be avoided altogether.