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Privacy is a Major Concern for New Zealanders

NZ Internet users concerned about privacy

New Zealanders have shown great concern about privacy. A recently conducted survey has highlighted the fact that the Kiwi netizens are absolutely worried about their online privacy.

The results of the UMR Public Opinion Survey are quite alarming. Out of the 751 respondents, who participated in the survey, 46% of them showed great concern about their online privacy and personal information that they have shared online.

The sample size consisted mostly of University going students. John Edwards, the Privacy Commissioner, held the point of view that there is a growing concern about online data theft and misuse of of health and financial information that netizens have provided online.

“We see a pretty constant level of concern. It is changing, with new technologies, but we’re still seeing young people very concerned about their privacy online, and any parent who has been unfollowed by their child knows the idea that kids don’t care about privacy is a myth”, he said.

Most of the respondents – almost 80% of them – said that they were concerned about identity theft in connection with sharing credit card information or bank account details on websites, saying that hackers tend to attack and steal such information with ease.

Another 87% of the respondents held a negative point of view about personal information being shared online by their children.

More than 60% of the respondents – 62% to the be precise – were against any sharing of personal data by the government sponsored agencies. They said that with this particular practice constitutes a violation of internet users’ privacy and security over the web, thus outweighing the potential benefits of using the internet.   

Despite all the concerns, the respondents were in favor of security safeguards being put in place so as to enable them to share their data in a controlled environment, with the leverage available for them to opt out, when they wish.

This notion of controlled environment will help them to share their data as long as they wish, without the fear of any other person being involved in security breaches and illegal sharing of information.

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