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Swedish ISP Accuses Police of Violating People Privacy

Sweden ISP Accuses Policy of Privacy Violation

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are known to be friendly towards law enforcement agencies, and especially Police. But in a strange turn of events, an ISP firm, based in Sweden has accused the local Police of violating the privacy of its subscribers.

In the wake of stringent anti-piracy laws in place, this particular news has come as a bit of surprise. According to a report published by Bahnhof, a Swedish ISP, more than 27.5% of requests were received by the ISP from the Police, against the so called online file sharing ‘crime’. The police wants online file sharing ‘crime’ to be addressed and violators be punished. 

“We want to publish these figures to show that police are violating people’s privacy and putting resources into meaningless trifles,” Bahnhof CEO Jon Karlung says, commenting on the release of the report.

Bahnhoff Statistics

Meanwhile, a total of 40 requests are received per day by the ISP, which is statistically not that much higher as compared to requests received by other ISPs in the world, but the percentage is quite alarming. Bahnhof is known to be staunch opponent of the so called data retention law, has also launched a free VPN service for its subscribers.

It is interesting to note that the ISP’s stance is in clear violation of the European anti-piracy law, but the ISP does not take piracy as really a serious crime. This particular stance also goes against the provisions of Sweden’s Telecoms Authority.

Bahnhof CEO Jon Karlung has also denied calls for harsh punishment for internet users involved in online piracy, amid constant pressure from the anti-piracy advocates.

As the situation stands, only a court ruling in this regard will further clarify the issue and ease the tension between the ISP and the local police.

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