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Ivacy VPN – New Year VPN 2020

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, however, anyone can start from now and create a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard.

2020 is right around the corner, no different from a new chapter in your favorite book. It is that time of the year to make annual resolutions, so let’s write a safer chapter with the best New Year VPN sale 2012 and set up a New Year resolution together to keep our online privacy and data security intact with Ivacy VPN – industry’s leading VPN service provider.

Ivacy VPN brings you the best New Year’s sales, with a whopping discount of 87% on its lifetime plan!

Save 87% On 5-Year Plan

Only $1.33/mo!

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Now feel free to explore the web while maintaining total anonymity anytime, anywhere. No need to worry about connecting your device to a public Wi-Fi anymore, as Ivacy VPN ensures your online presence with state-of-the-art military-grade encryption.

Big journeys in life start with simple steps. Take the right step and secure your future with Ivacy VPNs New Year VPN deals at an affordable cost.

Lifetime Subscription (5 Years)

Safeguard your online privacy with Ivacy’s New Year VPN deals online. Enjoy complete online independence at a mammoth discount of 87% on the regular price. Subscribe to Ivacy’s Life Time Subscription (5 Years) for as low as $1.33/month and watch your favorite movies and TV shows without worrying about third parties snooping over your internet activities.

2-Year Subscription

Among the best New Year online sales available for 2020, Ivacy VPN is offering a 2 Year subscription with an attractive discount of 77% on the regular price. It is available now for as low as $2.25/month. The plan is billed at $54 which frankly is peanuts against the perks Ivacy VPN brings to the table.

Annual Subscription

Enjoy secure downloading with Ivacy VPN’s yearly subscription available at a handsome discount of 66% off the regular price this New Year and for as low as $3.33 per month, overcome the vulnerabilities from online threats with multiple P2P friendly servers around the world at blazing-fast connection speeds.

Monthly Subscription

Ivacy VPN’s monthly subscription can be availed for as low as $9.95 per month.

In a world where online threats have numerous faces, it has become important for internet users to take matters into their own hands. With a “Zero-Log” policy, Ivacy VPN ensures your needs are met without breaking your bank in the process, unlike many other VPNs on the market costing quite a bit of dough for similar services.

Enjoy more while paying less with Ivacy VPN and avail the New Year VPN sale. Opt for the finest security measure available to stay away from prying eyes.

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