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How to boost Wi-Fi signal? Best tips, hacks and tricks for 2020


A bad Wi-Fi signal or malfunctioning router can get you really riled up at times. Without a speedy and reliable internet connection, you may end up spending longer times just waiting for websites to load or YouTube videos to buffer, staring with dismay at your screens for elevated periods of time. Not to mention Netflix streaming and social media feeds which can be really frustrating for any present-day internet user.

Not knowing how to deal with these issues or troubleshoot and diagnose what the problem is; may end up adding to your overall frustration. Therefore, if you are suffering from these problems, or want to boost wifi signal, this guide is aimed at helping you sort out these issues.

Common issues related to Wi-Fi signals

Here are some of the most common issues arising out of Wi-Fi signals:

1. Disappearing Wi-Fi Network

You could be losing signals of your Wi-Fi network on any of your devices out of nowhere.

2. Overall Slow Internet

You might experience an overall slow internet speed due to the signals.

3. Internet Inaccessible In Certain Areas Of The House

Certain areas in your home may get no coverage of the Internet despite the router is nearby.

4. Random Drop Outs

You could be surfing the Internet and all of a sudden no one is able to connect. A few moments later, it comes back establishing a pattern. This could be attributed to a lot of causes. For instance, does it drop when certain equipment begins being used such as a microwave? It could even be the neighbors’ router interfering with your signals.

Protect Yourself With A VPN

Secure all devices connected with your wireless router with a VPN. Here is why you should be using a VPN to protect your family and yourself:

1- Ultimate Online Protection

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2- Ensuring Privacy with Anonymity

A VPN ensures that your ISP or any of the other websites that you frequently do not monitor your activity. Using a VPN on your devices is your best bet for ensuring the utmost privacy online and safeguarding yourself from any prying eyes whether it’s the government or ISPs. You can learn more about how VPNs ensure anonymity and fully support all netizens’ right to keep their privacy intact, here.

3- Enhancing Entertainment Options

A VPN enables you to enjoy streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC, Spotify, and more; which you might be unable to do so otherwise, due to regional blocking. Learn more about how a VPN can open many doors of entertainment for you!

4- Unblocking Sites

You can unblock any websites that you are unable to access because of your region or any laws that have made your ISP restrict your access. Learn more about how ISPs block websites.

How to get a VPN?

Here are a few steps you can follow, to protect yourself with a VPN:

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3- Connect to a VPN server of your choosing

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How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed – Best tips

The very unreliable nature of WI-FI means that any number of factors could be influencing the performance of signals. Here are some of the steps you can take to resolve the matter:

1- Check the Location and change it

The physical location is a crucial factor impacting your WI-FI’s connectivity which is why you should try placing your WI-FI router as close to the center of your home as you can. If it’s elevated on the upper side and doesn’t have appliances or furniture blocking, that’s even better.

2- Cut off those leeching off of the bandwidth

A major cause behind the slowdowns often is, the lack of bandwidth arising out of those using data-intensive apps on their devices while on your connection. Disconnect any devices that you might not be used to ease the burden on the bandwidth.

3- Update Your Router

An outdated router could be the biggest issue holding your WI-FI connection back, which is why it might be time to update it. A new router such as an 802.11n or AC router won’t just give you faster internet speeds but improved security features and compatibility with a higher number of devices.

4- Check the guest connections

Enabling the router’s “Guest Network” option can go a long way in restoring the speeds you need. You can set up a different network name (SSID) and enhance password security to prevent guest users to burden your network.

5- Upgrade to 5GHz

The 5 GHz wireless frequency has faster data rates going at a shorter distance and is much less busy as compared to the 2.4. Do contemplate switching to it, if your router supports it.

6- Connect Via Ethernet cable to boost wifi signal

A Cat-5 ethernet cable can be used to connect multiple devices to the router directly which can resultantly free up a lot of the bandwidth and speed the connection significantly.

7- Use a Mesh Network

If you have a large house or office space which regularly requires consistently high network speeds, you should consider investing in a mesh network. In contrast to the traditional WI-FI routers which require extenders for additional reach, mesh routers can spread the reach through numerous access points, offering an advantage. Mesh networks come with sets of two or three different units that work in sync, setting up a single big continuously running network.

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How to boost wi-fi signal range and strength at home?

The following tips can enable you to significantly improve the signal strength at home and boost it:

1- Change positioning of the antenna to boost wifi signal

If your internet router has antennas, you can angle them to enable them to travel through the walls and maintain maximum strength. You can angle one antenna to the vertical so that the signals can travel side by side while angling the other antenna to the horizontal.

2- Upgrade Your Antenna to boost wifi signal

If your router model comes with a visible antenna you might be in luck since you can easily replace it to get robust signals, irrespective of their positioning.

3- Place the wireless router to an elevated position to boost the wifi signal

Position your device in a high, open space that has little to no obstructions for better WI-FI signals coming to the devices.

4- Move your wireless router to a place that lies in the center of your home to boost wifi signal

There are many alternative locations where you can place your router to boost the WI-FI signal including the family room, the second-floor landing, or the central hallway of your house. However, avoid placing it in the kitchen where the emissions from other devices may interfere with the signal or in the basement.

5- Begin using an internet extender to boost wifi signal

A WI-FI extender boosts the internet signal to other rooms of your house and since it’s wired it doesn’t use additional bandwidth to communicate.

6- Use a Wi-Fi repeater to boost wifi signal

A repeater carries your WI-FI signals further than they are meant to while keeping the same password and SSID settings. It uses an additional built-in router to boost and transmit a stronger WI-FI signal to the other parts of your home.

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How to boost satellite signal strength?

If you are using a satellite internet service, you can make use of some satellite specific tips to utilize your satellite internet the best way possible, if you don’t need to boost wifi signal:

1- Take out the surrounding obstacles

If trees, bushes, or anything similar has been growing around your satellite dish, it may have the potential of affecting the internet speed. It could also be plants piled up snow from the winters or an overgrown branch of the tree. Consider removing these obstacles, to restore the speeds.

2- Add a satellite in-line amplifier

A satellite in-line amplified significantly boosts the satellite signal you have by enhancing the signal through your home’s receiver or multi-switch.

3- Move your satellite dish closer to your home

Consider moving your satellite dish close to the modem located inside to boost the internet speed. Consult with your provider about, whether the satellite can be safely placed on the roof or any other place where it could get in close proximity with the mode.

4- Ask your service provider if you need to reposition your satellite dish

Your satellite internet service provider sets up your satellite dish facing the right direction but weather conditions such as wind speeds can significantly affect the position of the satellite and move it out of the correct position. Check the position yourself by ensuring that the satellite dish is pointing towards the south. However, you need to consult with your provider to determine the exact position it should be facing.

5- Ask your service provider about switching satellites

Providers use multiple satellites at a time. One satellite could be better suited for your dish as compared to the others which is why asking your service provider about switching could be a good idea.

6- Consider switching service providers

Ask your service provider about switching the satellite towards which your dish is directed, and in case they are unable to offer an alternative; consider switching your satellite provider.

7- Cables

Check the cables to see whether there are any slices or other damages. If you find any loose connections, tighten them. If you are able to locate some damage along the cable; cut the damaged section and remove at least 3 to 5 inches of cable from both sides of the damaged spot. You will also need to add the same amount of length on both ends.

Final Thoughts

An overall great way to assess the strength and quality of your signal is, testing your internet speed in the different parts of your home. If you see that the internet is running faster in a certain room as compared to the other ones; you may consider moving your router to boost the wifi signal.

Hopefully, these tips and techniques will enable you to boost your WI-FI signals and enjoy the Internet in the best possible way. However, if we missed something or didn’t get something

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