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Introducing Ivacy LookOut: Check Your Email For Data Breaches


Ivacy VPN prides itself on consistently maintaining a track record as a leading VPN service that is always vocal about issues regarding privacy and the overall security of internet users. As a no-logs VPN that keeps the privacy of its users before everything else, Ivacy has continued to engage in endeavors that further solidify overall cybersecurity and generate greater awareness in this regard.

In the wake of ever-increasing data breaches that jeopardize millions of people at a time, the LookOut initiative by Ivacy VPN aims to secure not only its users but the whole internet community at large.

Ivacy LookOut: What is it?

Ivacy LookOut is a FREE online tool that you can access here to check whether or not your email address has been exposed in a data breach.

How Does LookOut Works?

Here is how Ivacy looks out for you:

1- Enter Your Email

As soon as you enter your email address in the given field, Ivacy LookOut begins scanning previous or recent data breaches that may contain your email address and other information.

2- The Search Begins

We check to see if your email address or any personal information related to your email address has been leaked in a data breach.

3- We alert You

If there is a breach detected, Ivacy LookOut informs you promptly and presents effective solutions. You will receive an email with a breach report and possible quick fixes you can apply to safeguard yourself.

Check If Your Email Is Exposed

What Is A Data Breach?

In the event of a data breach, a hacker successfully gains access to a company’s database, containing private information of its customers, i.e., usernames, passwords, social security numbers, addresses, and even payment details.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Use LookOut?

If a data breach has occurred and you are one of the victims, it is only a matter of time before the database containing your details lands on the dark web, compromising your online security in the process.

You could be facing identity theft, a leak of your private photos, or blackmail.

Access Ivacy LookOut for FREE and verify the sanctity of your email address!

Visit LookOut Now

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