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What Is Network Security Key and How To Locate It?


Network Security Key: What Is It?

A network security key is a password with which you receive access to wireless networks or devices. The security key successfully establishes a secure connection between a requesting client and the device, thus mitigating any unwanted access.

Security keys are widely used for day-to-day services such as online banking, transactions, online shopping, etc.

Types Of Network Security Keys

There are two main types of network security keys that are most commonly used:

1) WEP

2) WPA

Finding The Network Security Key For A Router

The network key plays an important role in letting you connect to the Internet. You can find it labeled as “security key” or “WEP/WAP key” on your device. It can also be taken from the manual that arrives along with the router after purchasing it.

Another way of learning the Network security key is to log in to the default settings on the web interface.

Finding The Network Security Key In Windows

For Windows 10, you can follow these steps to enter the network security key or password:

1- Go to the Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Manage Wireless Networks

2- Click on the network SSID with which you have connected

3- Right-click the network name, go to Properties, and then the Security tab.

4- Check the show characters option to find out the network security key

Finding The Network Security Key In Android

Both 3G and 4G LTE supported android phones let you use the internet data on your phone. All you need to do is enable the data button given on all android devices.

1- Download a file manager app. Several file manager apps are available for free in the Google Play Store.

2- Open it through the “Data” folder and then tap the “Misc.” folder and “Wi-Fi” folder subsequently

3- Tap and hold “wpa_supplicant.conf”, then draw “View as text” upon the opening of the file options dialog

4- Scroll to the network you need to find, which will be listed as SSID. The password will be labeled as PSK and will appear in quotes.

Finding The Network Security Key In MacOS

  1. Select the “Go” option located on the top of the screen
  2. Select “Utilities”
  3. Double Click “Keychain Access” and select your network from the list that appears
  4. Check the “Show Password” box, whereby you may be required to enter your MAC admin username and password and then click “Allow.”
  5. You will now be able to see your network security key.

Use A VPN To Enhance Security On Public Networks

Undoubtedly, public WI-FI hotspots are incredibly convenient and offer ease of access to the internet. However, they also carry immense security risks since they allow malicious elements to intercept your connection and peek on the data coming in and going out. However, you can quickly solve this problem by using a reliable and trustworthy VPN service.

Using a VPN can offer excellent protection when you are connected to a public WI-FI hotspot since it encrypts all your data and safeguards your privacy.

How do I find my network security key without an internet connection?

In the absence of an internet connection, you can still find the network security key with the help of instructions laid down above. you do not need an active internet connection for the activity.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we have covered everything you want to know about finding your network security key. However, if you want to know more, visit our main blog. If we have missed something that you want to know about, do let us know in the comments below!

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