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Celebrate Mother’s Day With Ivacy

mothers day 2021 ivacy vpn

Mother’s day 2021 is here, so wishing all of you a very happy Mother’s Day 2021. To help you celebrate mother’s day 2021, Ivacy is offering a breath-taking 75% discount on its 2-year plan. Just get the app on Windows, Android, Mac or any of your favorite devices and watch movies with your mom, shop a cake for her or get her a gift she deserves. Remember to protect your device as well as your mom’s with Ivacy. 🙂

Create Cyber Crime Awareness This Mother’s Day

The cyber world is now filled with thousands, if not millions of hackers and scammers so please stay on the guard as you buy a gift online for your mom or as she tries to connect to the digital world without knowing all of its caveats. Hundreds of senior citizens become a victim of cyber crimes, hacking, money scams, doxxing, swatting, and more because we fail to create enough awareness beforehand.

This is exactly why we need to mark this as the day we start creating awareness about cybersecurity to the people we love, especially our moms and even our dads. To create awareness, you can guide your parents and senior folks you love towards hundreds of cybersecurity blogs Ivacy has posted, as well as the millions of pieces that are on Google to be found.

Get Started Today

So what are you waiting for? Get started, help moms be as prudent as possible online by creating awareness and while you’re at it, leverage Ivacy’s discount to protect their devices from hacking, snooping, phishing and all kinds of malicious attacks. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day 2021 to all the amazing moms out there.

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