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Online Safety Measures for LGBT Folks

The privacy and security concerns are real irrespective who and where you are!

If you are an individual who belongs to the LGBT community, it is imperative that you keep your internet privacy secure. Your identity is at risk when you are online. Especially, as a member of LGBT community you can be targeted based on your sexual orientation or ridiculed for your overall outlook towards life.

It’s a dangerous world we live and that is why, following tricks of the trade may come in handy.

Online safety tricks

What more can you do to safeguard your interests whilst online?

Since now you know what safety measures to practice but remember, it is far from over. New threats come up daily in the world of cyber space and you can only do so much. Therefore, keeping yourself aware and updated with the latest in cyber security news is recommended.

Moreover, if you employ Ivacy VPN whenever you are online, you can double your protection and security by means of which you can anonymously surf the web. No one will be able to tap into your private information when you are connected to a public WiFi neither your ISP provider can keep tabs of your online activity.

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