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On 25 May, George Floyd was arrested by Minneapolis police officers, after being called in by a deli employee. Said employee accused the deceased of buying cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill. Seventeen minutes after the first officers arrived, George Floyd was pinned down by three officers and showed no signs of life.

Following the death of Mr. Floyd, the Minneapolis police department fired the four police officers involved in the incident.

After the death of George Floyd, the protests for police brutality and killings have continued so far, and they do not seem to be dying any time soon. While the protests are largely peaceful, violence has broken out, leading to the arrests of 9,300 individuals around the country.

Regardless of how these events have unfolded, one thing is for certain; “Black lives matter!” And they do, which is why people across the world have taken to the streets to condemn the unlawful and brutal violence against African Americans. Thousands across Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Germany, the UK, and others, condemn racism of any kind.

As for Ivacy VPN, we believe in the same. Our team consists of individuals from different faiths, races, and backgrounds, so we do not condone racism of any kind either. But this time around, it is our African American brothers and sisters that require our support, which is why, we want each and every one of them to know we are there for them, always…

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