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Ivacy VPN Refuses to Sign Chinese Data Center Regulations


Ivacy VPN is one of the few VPN providers that are transparent about its operations, and it always has been this way. Because of this, Ivacy VPN is at the forefront of the i2C and VTI to ensure internet users remain protected no matter the cost. Keeping this in mind and protecting its users, Ivacy VPN has decided to quit China immediately.

Why Quit China?

Ivacy VPN was recently contacted to either cease or desist or sign the Chinese data regulation form to continue offering VPN servers in China to its users. As unfortunate as it may be, Ivacy VPN has no option but to quit China.

China has strict surveillance laws, some of which go against the very ideals that Ivacy VPN stands for; Ivacy VPN chooses to respectfully bow out rather than giving out information on its users.

User Data Integrity Equals VPN Reliability

Internet users must understand that a VPN’s purpose is to guarantee true internet freedom without compromising on its users’ privacy and security. If a VPN cannot ensure its users’ safety and resorts to providing private and confidential information to third parties and government agencies, its credibility is next to none.

China’s Aim for Complete Dominance

The Chinese government is pulling all the stops to crack down on its citizens’ internet security, even resorting to forcing ISPs to surrender user data. This should not come as a surprise, though, since China has consistently ensured complete control over its citizens’ internet activities by blocking apps and services it deems unworthy, replacing them with localized versions where they can access user data with ease.

China claims it is resorting to these tactics to protect its national security, prevent discrimination and hatred against minorities, and so on, but at what cost? It is the right of every internet user to explore and benefit from the internet as it was originally intended without worrying about being monitored or recorded. If efforts are to be made to protect internet users from this kind of surveillance, drastic steps will need to be taken. The type of extreme measures Ivacy VPN is more than willing to take.

Once again, Ivacy VPN proves that it will never compromise on its integrity or any of its privacy policies no matter the business pressures it has to deal with.

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