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How to Unblock Instagram

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What is Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing website owned by Facebook and it would be a shame if you are unable to leverage it for marketing your brand. Instagram AKA IG can reach audiences far and wide. Instagram can help users upload photos and post videos to their profile or page. The apps offer a wide array of filters and editing tools that enables your photos and videos to stand out of the crowd. Not just that but users can also post their daily life stories just the way it’s done on Snapchat and Facebook. It may be banned in regions where freedom of speech and online censorship is in practice. But worry not!

Steps To Unblock Instagram

Many countries clamp down on those who promote content that is considered in some way illegal in the territory or has no tolerance whatsoever. The reasons could be both political and Religiously driven. However, you don’t have to worry much. Here is how you can unblock Instagram hasslefree with these simple steps.

  1. Sign up to Ivacy VPN and download it on your mobile device
  2. Open the app and connect to a server outside of your current region
  3. Enjoy seamless access to Instagram from anywhere in the world

How does Ivacy VPN Help to Unblock Instagram

Ivacy VPN boasts a military-grade encryption technology that masks your IP address and instead assigns you a different IP. In the regions, where Instagram is blocked, they will have no idea where you are originally located. No surveillance agency or prying eyes will be able to tell where are you.

Anonymity and online privacy are essential to unblocking apps such as Instagram in locations where the government has imposed restrictions. With an Ivacy VPN subscription, you will never have to worry about enjoying Instagram, no matter where you are!

How to Unblock Instagram at Work or School?

Unblocking Instagram is fairly easy. Instagram is usually blocked at workplaces or in school primarily because it serves as a distraction for employees and students, respectively. But you don’t have to worry as Ivacy VPN lets you unblock Instagram at work and school so you can access the app in peace.

Sign up to Ivacy and download it on your device. Voila, you will be able to unblock Instagram no time!

Can Instagram Detect a VPN?

Being an app, Instagram cannot detect if you are behind a VPN but your ISP and government might be able to tell. Therefore, not just any VPN is going to cut. An Ivacy VPN with military-grade encryption can mask your IP in such a way that you will become impervious to Any and all online monitoring.

To Instagram, it is like a single user signing in to them under different user names. But it will be for nothing if you are operating several accounts. However, as stated, Ivacy is one of the most dependable VPN providers limiting chances of anyone learning of your true identity, next to Impossible.

Final Thoughts

Instagram offers a wealth of photo and video tools for immense customization and you can market your brand in any way you want. Bask in Ivacy’s reliable servers, bypassing bans on Instagram placed by your ISP or government in the region and letting you in on a complete experience.

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