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A VPN allows you to bypass regional bans which in turn lets you access any and all web content. The VPN obfuscation technology helps mask your current IP and assigns you a different one. Your IP address is rerouted and the website won't be able to tell if you are connected from your local IP or a virtual one which could be anywhere in the world.

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Get Ivacy Now
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3 Easy Steps To Unblock Websites With Ivacy VPN

Learning to unblock websites is not difficult at all. It is rather as simple as 1-2-3! Follow these simple steps in order unblock websites.

Sign Up and Download

Get an Ivacy VPN subscription and download the app

Connect to a Server

Choose a VPN server depending on your needs

Enjoy Complete Access

Browse, stream and listen to your favorite content – all you want.

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8 Other Best Ways of Unblocking Websites

In addition to unblocking websites via VPN, there are other ways by which you can unblock websites. You will find these ways listed below.

Use Google Translate

With Google Translate you can access the blocked website. Simply paste the website in the translate box and then click on the site URL. This will act as proxy to show you desired website.

IP address instead

Using an IP address instead of a domain name can help you unblock websites. DNS servers are tricked when you type in the IP address of the site you wish to access other than its domain name.

Use VPN (recomended)

This comes recommended because a VPN masks your IP - instead assigns you a different IP address. A website blocked in one region is unblocked when accessed from another.

Try An Online Proxy

Trying a proxy will let you bypass certain banned websites including social media and video streaming. A proxy obfuscates your IP address from the site which lets you access it.

Portable Browser

With the help of a portable browser, you can unblock websites. Simply download any browser to your external storage or USB and you will be able to bid farewell to the Unavailability.

Use Online RSS Tools

Using online RSS tool will enable you to unblock certain websites provided that they have RSS feed. So if a site gets updated daily, with an RSS reader, you can access its feed & register for it.

URL Online Recasting

Recasting is another method. If a site is without verified SSL, you can try https in the URL or by typing www. This will result in a security warning. Click to proceed and see if it the website opens.

Try The Internet Archive

A site by the name of The Wayback Machine has an archived database of webpages. To unblock a website try the internet archive to visit the saved version or copy of the site, not blocked.

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Sidestep Firewall at Work or School

No matter if you are at your workplace or in school, Ivacy VPN firmly believes in the freedom of the internet and that it is meant to be enjoyed! Therefore, unblock content at work or school by changing your IP address which sidesteps the firewall in place enabling you to surf and access blocked sites under the radar.

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Escape Censorship

Government surveillance and ISP monitoring is there for placing ban on a variety of websites and apps. Since they are in charge, you have no option but to go through them if you are to access them. With Ivacy, you are in charge! Mask your IP address and access your favorite stuff like it was a piece of cake.

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Get Super Fast Access to Your Favourite Web Content

Roadblocks to your favorite web content can become annoying for people. As stated, the internet is meant for all and everyone to enjoy. It cannot be taken hostage by some who do not like what is out there. Ivacy VPN stands against this jeopardizing act, firmly. So break free the chains, today! With Ivacy, you can even unblock Disney plus and Netflix outside USA.

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