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How to Unblock Dailymotion

Statistically, Dailymotion has over 300 million unique users on a monthly basis and with Ivacy VPN you can bypass any geoblocking in place.

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What is Dailymotion

Dailymotion is one of the best video sharing platforms against YouTube. It was launched in 2005 by Olivier Poitrey and Benjamin Bejbaum. The video-sharing website has a unique visitor count if 112 million.

Steps To Unblock Dailymotion

Dailymotion, as stated, has a dynamic set of visitors. 60 percent of those visitors are male. But it is safe to say that both genders equally visit the site. But why ban it? Isn’t it like YouTube? YouTube has strict guidelines, in other words, Google guidelines the uploaders have to comply with. In the case of Dailymotion, the guidelines apply only if there is extreme content which violates Privacy.

Governments of different countries handle this by blocking IPs and taking the content down. Which can be termed as censoring or limiting the rights to free speech. So if you are in a country where content is banned, you will be deprived of the Dailymotion experience altogether.

Get your fix with Ivacy VPN in 3 easy steps:

  1. Subscribe to Ivacy and download it on your preferred device
  2. Open the app and connect to a server outside of your current region
  3. Enjoy full access to Dailymotion anywhere in the world

How does Ivacy Grants Unblocking Access

Dailymotion offers a wealth of content for those seeking entertainment and education and what better than videos. So how does Ivacy help in all this? Ivacy VPN seeks to mask your IP address.

A masked IP brings you anonymity in the eyes of the world. Therefore, if you happen to be in a region where Dailymotion is restricted along with other websites such as crackle, Viber, and WhatsApp, just to name a few, Ivacy VPN will make you appear from elsewhere.

Ivacy boasts up to 256-bit military-grade encryption, which makes your security impeccable. There is no way for any surveillance agency or government to know of your actual location letting you access Dailymotion videos safely.

How to Unblock Dailymotion at Work or School?

Unblocking Dailymotion is simple. After all, Dailymotion is one of the notable video platforms and you cannot put it down because you don’t like it. So if you are looking to get it unblocked in your school or at your workplace, worry not because Ivacy VPN helps you access Dailymotion. Ivacy helps bypass the ban paving way for you to watch all your favorite video content.

How Much does Dailymotion Subscription Cost?

The best part about Dailymotion is, it’s free. You can enjoy your favorite videos without having to spend a single penny.

For bypassing geoblocking from anywhere in the world, make sure to buy Ivacy VPN and go worry-free when accessing Dailymotion.

Can Dailymotion detect a VPN?

Dailymotion cannot detect VPNs, technically. VPN providers assign either the same IP to customers or a unique address is assigned from a variety of IPs.

To Dailymotion, it is like a single user signing in to them under different user names. But it will be for nothing if you are operating several accounts. Although, Ivacy is one of the most dependable VPN providers limiting chances of anyone learning of your true identity a rarity.

Final Thoughts

Dailymotion offers a wealth of video content to netizens all over the world. With Ivacy’s reliable servers, bypassing restrictions on Dailymotion and other channels like unblocking Disney Plus from anywhere in the world is a worry-free experience.


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