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How to get American Netflix in the UK? Easy Steps (Updated 2019)

Unblock American Netflix in UK

If you happen to be an ardent streaming fan, you must be well aware that there is a whole lot of content available on Netflix US, which is not available in the regions outside of the USA, including the UK, but there is a trick to Get American Netflix in the UK!

This is because of a geographical licensing system which distributes purchasing rights according to the popularity of a show in different regions, which means that you may be able to watch the walking dead in the USA but not in the UK, Don’t worry because with ivacy’s Netflix VPN you can Watch American Netflix in the UK without a hassle.

This way, the American fans get to enjoy many of the titles that the UK ones are missing out on! However, not all hope is lost and there exists an easy way to solve this problem.

How to Get American Netflix in the UK with a VPN?

Netflix has been aggressive against VPN service providers to restrict VPN servers from changing their Netflix regions. Whenever a VPN server gets blacklisted by Netflix, the VPN provider needs to acquire a new one. Due to this hassle, many VPN services have dropped selling as per Netflix persona altogether and instead focus on other use cases.

However, as already discussed above, some Netflix VPN providers out of whom Ivacy is the most prominent one, still work seamlessly with Netflix on account of their robust servers and an ability to adapt to the complexities of Netflix blocking.

Some of the key features offered by Ivacy include the following:

  • Trial Offer:

Ivacy provides a three day trial period which is more than enough for you to test it and check how good it is. At the end of the trial period, you have the option of purchasing it or canceling it!

  • Multi-Platform Support:

Ivacy offers apps that are functional across all platforms including Android, iPhone, iPad, PC and MAC. This means you can stream Netflix US on any device you own easily and without running into trouble!

  • Secure Protocols:

Ivacy has four secure protocols – TCP, UCP, IKEV and L2TP, which make it impossible for your ISP or any intruder from spying on your connection. Ivacy uses the highly advanced 256- bit military grade encryption which is considered the best and most advanced when it comes to VPNs.

  • A good Number of Servers:

Ivacy has won the award for the Fastest VPN by BestVPN.com, owing to its consistent speeds and performance. This ensures the best performance if you want to view Netflix in the best possible 4K or 1080 HD quality.

  • A good Number of Servers:

Ivacy’s large number of servers spread across the globe let you select the best performing servers at any given moment according to the streaming service you have opted for be it, Netflix or any other – Hulu, Amazon prime etc.

  • Anti-Throttling Feature:

One of the most pressing issues involving streaming is throttling which many users have to face due to ISPs who deliberately slow down the speeds for various reasons. Ivacy has a strong anti-throttling ability and ensures that it does not happen, while you can continue streaming without any worries.

  • Ease of Use:

Ivacy is easy to use and perfect for any beginners who do not have much in-depth knowledge about the functioning of a VPN! Its interface is an epitome of simplicity combined with elegance which remains unmatchable. Moreover, it is compatible with a large number of devices such as Roku, Firestick, Chromecast and Apple TV!

How to Get Netflix USA on your device:

If you want a quick answer to, how you can get American Netflix in the UK, it is to use a VPN! However, do keep reading to know more about using a VPN and the repercussions that are involved.

Ivacy VPN is the best VPN service to this end with a track record of maintaining the highest speeds and an award that certifies it. Along with that, Ivacy ensures the most secure connection, an incredibly easy to use application and an overall highly rated customer service that remains unmatchable. Ivacy VPN is the best when it comes to the device, you can watch Netflix on Firestick, Netflix on Roku or any of your devices with ease. However, the procedure to use a VPN remains the same for all VPNs:

  1. Go to the official Ivacy’s Netflix VPN website
  2. Click on Get Ivacy VPN and choose your desired package. Create your account and proceed to payment to complete the sign-up process completely
  3. Install Ivacy VPN on your Mac/ PC / Phone
  4. Launch the app, login and then click Purpose
  5. Select Start Streaming and then Unblock Netflix US (In-app)
  6. Once you are connected, you will see the Connected status on the main screen
  7. Now all you only need to do is, browse on to Netflix.com or open the Netflix app and you will be able to view the entire US library.

Is it legal to watch American Netflix in the UK with a VPN?

The central principle at which Netflix is unblocking American content in UK works is that the VPN tricks Netflix into considering your location as that of the US. However easy as it may sound, it does go against the terms and conditions of Netflix. Therefore, Netflix has a right to suspend your account if it suspects any such attempt. The legality may be debatable but the use of a VPN to access Netflix does lie in a grey area and you even risk getting a DMCA notice, if you are using a poor VPN service, which is not recommended in any circumstances.

Netflix’s war on the VPNs:

A few years ago, you could have chosen just about any VPN service to stream US Netflix. Unfortunately, it does not merely work like that anymore. Upon realizing what the subscribers and the VPN services were up to, Netflix quickly updated its technologies to identify the IP addresses most commonly associated with the VPN service providers because multiple users were using them. Netflix then started blacklisting them, effectively and only a few of those VPNs were able to escape unscathed and unaffected by the bans.

Many VPNs that once worked seamlessly to access Netflix USA in the UK no longer work on account of Netflix actively blocking access of their servers. This means you will be facing greater trouble than ever before, and choose a VPN wisely!

Ivacy VPN is one of those few VPNs that can get past the Netflix radars without being caught red-handed.

 How does a VPN works to get American Netflix in the UK?

You can think of a VPN as a second internet existing between you and the broader internet out there. It acts as a third party. Your computer connects to the VPN which then connects to the Internet. The VPN establishes a virtual and secure tunnel through which the traffic passes between you and Netflix. This changes your location and enables you to access Netflix even in a region where the authorities have blocked it and so, remains inaccessible.

Using VPN on a gaming console or Smart TV to get American Netflix in the UK:

Even though most of the significant VPNs have apps for smartphones, tablets, PCs and Mac devices, there still happen to be few devices which do not come supported by them, for instance, gaming consoles and Smart TVs. However, it is still possible to watch Netflix on a gaming console or a Smart TV too!

The easiest way to do so is, installing your chosen VPN such as Ivacy on your home router which will make all of your internet traffic run through the VPN. This would mean that your traffic will appear to be coming from the USA or another country, no matter which device you are using, so long as your devices are connected to the same router. How you can set it up depends greatly, but generally, you would have to go into the web configuration panel located on the router from a computer connected to it and use your login credentials for connecting to the VPN that you have chosen.

Can a VPN unblock Netflix all over the world?

Netflix is available in more than 190 countries and that number continues to increase over time. But, in case you want to access it in a country like China in case you are there for vacation or official work, you are kind of stuck. A VPN may not guarantee the unblocking in China or North Korea, since both of these countries actively crackdown on all types of VPN altogether. It is pretty hard for a VPN service to function smoothly in any of these countries. Therefore, if you have the misfortune of visiting either of these, you will surely be getting a Netflix Proxy Error, in short, you are stuck!

Now, that you know all about VPNs and how you can use a VPN to your advantage at unblocking Netflix US in the UK, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Ivacy VPN today and start enjoying the perks of the largest streaming library in the world!