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What is PPTP VPN and Why Use PPTP VPN?

What is PPTP VPN & Why Use it Banner

This is our second tutorial in a series of tutorials that cover the topics of setting up different types of VPNs on your system. It’s time to make you learn about setting up a secure connection through Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol Virtual Private Network (PPTP VPN).  One of my most interesting habits is to ask questions. I usually start my blogs with a question. I will follow the suit here as well.

Here is my question: What’s your most treasured possessions? Money? Latest smartphone? A brand new Audi that you have just bought? Your graduation degree? Your expensive clothes? Your home sweet home?

Well, all of them, mentioned above hold prime importance in an individual’s life. And they are important for you as well. But there is something that is even more important than all these things. That something is so dear to you that you can’t even imagine to live without it. Any guesses? No? O.K.

That’s really simple. It’s your own identity! Shocked? But that’s the truth. Your identity is the most treasured possession of yours. And there is no doubt about it.

What is PPTP VPN?

Here is a scenario. Imagine that you are using the internet to buy a product that you need from a online retail store. You have just entered your credit card details at the checkout process. Suddenly, a message appears! Your transaction has failed. Your information is at risk.

Now, that’s a disturbing and an embarrassing situation at the least. You are forced to think you are lost. All your money has gone lost.

Don’t worry though. These are the situations which make a strong case of using a Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol Virtual Private Network service.  

It’s really a simple method to get remote access to web resources, without being spied upon by the so-called cyber spies. A PPTP VPN service operates within a network of computers interconnected to each other with nodes. It then encapsulates a user’s data under a secure tunnel, thereby protecting the data while transmitting the information over the internet, while making you anonymous.  

How PPTP VPN Works?

The working philosophy of PPTP VPN is really simple. It uses port 1723 to transmit your data safely. The PPTP protocol works under the influence of control layer mechanism over the TCP / IP with GRE operating tunnel to encrypt a user’s data traffic. By encapsulating the data, it ensures that your privacy and security remains intact. The primary purpose is to facilitate implementing standard security regime and providing remote access to resources over the internet.

Why use PPTP VPN?

Well, as a VPN geek, you can conveniently set up a connection. It’s really an easy process. You can setup a secure PPTP connection on your multiple devices, including smartphones, laptops, personal computers, routers, XBox, etc.

A PPTP VPN service provides you with a secure and reliable connection that helps you three fold; by hiding your original IP address, protecting and transmitting your data with a secure tunnel; and speeding up the data transfer process without affecting your servers’ performance.

How to use PPTP VPN?

A PPTP VPN service not only helps you in protecting your identity, but it also facilitates you to access websites that are blocked or are restricted in your region.

You have made up a plan to spend your vacation outside of your home country. How will you access your favorite Netflix series while on the road? How will you be able to treat yourself with an original HBO movie? How will enjoy reading a fantastic ebook while traveling abroad? How will you listen to your favorite collection of songs on the flight? How will you communicate with your colleagues over the internet, if you are on a business trip?

These are the questions that you, as a frequent traveler need to pay attention to. Well, we have a perfect one-step solution for you. Just connect to PPTP VPN.

Ivacy VPN offers the best PPTP VPN services out there in the market. Livestream your favorite movie, listen to your favorite songs, catch live action right from the football stadium, share your data with your colleagues, with breathtaking speed and top notch performance. Torrent anonymously with Ivacy PPTP VPN service and get the best results.

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