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How to easily bypass Internet Censorship and Filtering

internet Censorship

We all say that world is becoming a global village, but as the proximity of digital borders is decreasing, restrictions and limitations over the web are increasing. A lot of websites are restricted or blocked by the authorities all over the world. Reasons can be political, ethical or sometimes personal, but the sufferers are those users who have an affinity with those blocked or restricted websites. In this blog, I am going to tell you how to bypass geo-restrictions and visit your favorite websites without any hassle.

The Use of ‘Virtual Private Network’


The use of Virtual Private Network is the safest and hassle-free way to get around geo-restrictions. Once you connect with a virtual private network (VPN), your IP is masked, and you can connect to a host of available servers either close or far from your location. So, you have to pick a server of a country in which that particular website is not blocked, so you connect to that server and, Eureka! You can now surf the internet without any hiccups! And the best part is, all this process takes place in an encrypted tunnel, so you’re not only free to surf but also covered by an added layer of security and privacy.

Using a Smart DNS (Domain Name System) service


A Smart DNS service doesn’t mask your IP but it allows you to access blocked web content by bypassing your region’s DNS servers. When you access any website using a Smart DNS service, you’re connected to DNS servers of the countries where that particular website is not restricted or blocked. A Smart DNS service is best if you want to use streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon or Hulu.

Tor Browser


Tor enables you to browse the web anonymously. It routes your web browsing to an encrypted network located in an uncensored, unfiltered location. You shouldn’t use Tor to access sensitive, unencrypted data, but Tor will let you access blocked websites on any connection.

Since its inception, Tor has always been in a never-ceasing battle with different authorities that are on a mission to get it blocked. Tor is designed in such a way that it may even function in places where standard VPNs or proxies might not work.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re browsing with Tor, the browsing speed is most likely to be slow, because of the end-to-end encryption. So, use your other web browsers for your day to day activities.



A lot of free proxy services are out there which enable you to access blocked websites. As it is the simplest way of getting around censorships, a lot of people tend to use it, which means more traffic that ultimately results in a slow browsing speed. Well, if you want good speed, no ads and true security and privacy, then you should go for paid services, such as a good VPN.

Well, this brings us to the end of this blog. Now, you have the knowledge about how to get around internet censorship and restrictions. Do use these tips and surf your web with freedom that you rightfully deserve! Don’t hesitate to contribute to this blog with your suggestions and ideas in the comments section.

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