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How to get on Facebook at school


So, you are in a school and are eagerly searching the internet as to how to get on Facebook at school? Aren’t you? But before going into details, just check out the staggering statistics about Facebook, the most popular social media website in the world today.

Some interesting Facebook statistics

  • 71 billion active monthly users
  • 44 billion access it through smartphones
  • 62% of adults use it at least once a month
  • 20 minutes spent daily on average

This is Facebook for you. The statistics speak for themselves. Sixty two percent of adults use Facebook. Keeping in view the school-going adults’ preferences, it’s highly unlikely that they use Facebook at least once a month only. And you are only one of them who have bombarded the internet with ‘how to unblock Facebook at school’ question.  After all, you as a student are much more curious than any other human breed.

So how to get on Facebook at schools? Well, with smartphones, you can easily unblock and get on Facebook at school campuses. No matter how strict school regulations are, students, like you, will always want to go online and get on Facebook at school premises. Thanks to free and uninterrupted internet access.

But there exist a small number of schools that still don’t want their students to get on Facebook in classroom or in the premises of the school. That’s good enough of a practice. But the fact remains that all students love browsing internet and they will surely want to know as to how to unblock Facebook at school?

In this blog, you will learn about some of the top tricks on how to get on Facebook at school premises. Get. Set. Go.

1. Use a virtual private network (VPN)

One of the best tricks to unblock Facebook at school is using a virtual private network (VPN). Yes, that’s right. There are multiple advantages of using a VPN to get on Facebook with a fast, reliable and an affordable VPN – just like Ivacy – in place.

A VPN not only cloaks your original IP address with a pseudo one, but also encrypts the data that your browse online. You are also able to get on Facebook in school with complete online privacy, security and anonymity. No one, not even the school administration would come to know that you have been using a VPN to unblock Facebook at school.

If you want to access Facebook at school, just sign up with a fast and reliable VPN service. Then you have to select the server location and encryption protocol so that you remain safe and sound while using Facebook, and then connect to the VPN in real time.

2. Use proxy websites

How to unblock Facebook at school if you don’t have a VPN facility? Well, there is another good answer to this particular question. You can get on Facebook at school by using proxy websites. There are many proxy websites available, so you have to search for the right one so that you can unblock Facebook at school at your convenience.

Most of the smartphone users tend to use proxy websites to access Facebook. That’s a good idea. So, if you have spare time by your side, while still at school, you can use any proxy website that helps you unblock Facebook at school and check who’s doing what on Facebook.

Some of most commonly used proxy websites to unblock Facebook at school include:


You can use any of the proxies mentioned and get on Facebook at your school with complete ease and convenience.

3. Use Facebook IP address

Now, this is really an interesting method to get on Facebook at school. If know about how to unblock Facebook at school with the help of Facebook IP, then you are the champ. You should search for Facebook IP and type the Facebook IP address in your address bar.

unlock facebook using IP

If you use a personal computer (PC), you can find Facebook IP address quite easily. Go to ‘start menu’ and type ‘cmd’ in the search box. The command prompt will appear. At the prompt, you should type “ping Hit the ‘Enter’ button. You will get the requested IP address for Facebook. Paste this IP address in the address bar, and readily unblock Facebook at school without any hassle.

4. Use Google Translate

We all love Google Translate, don’t we? How to get on Facebook at school with Google Translate then? It’s really easy by the way. One of the best uses of Google Translate is that it helps students translate websites into their mother tongues. Therefore, if you know how to use the tool, you can access Facebook with the help of Google Translate.

And again, if you have internet access at your school, then you can use Google Translate to get on to Facebook translated page (in your choice of language). But it’s better to use English-to-English translation.

5. Use tiny URL service

The tiny URL service is a handy tool when it comes to unblocking a website. You can also get a short URL for any social media website, including Facebook. There are many tiny URL services available, including, but not limited to:

  • (Bitly)
  • (Google)
  • (Hootsuite)
  • (Twitter)
  • TinyURL (Gilby)
  • (Gravity4)

Just type in the website that you want to have a short URL for; ( in this case and you will get the required new short URL at the instant. Once you get the short URL, paste it into the address bar and unblock Facebook at school with complete ease.

6. Use cache method

One of the easiest ways to unblock Facebook at school is by using the search engine cache method. You can unblock any website with this method. Hence, you can use this particular method to get on Facebook at school quite easily.

When you type the keywords or website that you are searching for in the search engine, it will present you with results. You can click on any link and get on to the website of your choice. There is another option available. You can make use of text-only version.


Hence, if you want to get on Facebook at school, you can trust yourself and use cache method in this regard. The cache method will help students bypass any restrictions whatsoever in unblocking websites, such as Facebook.

Well, this brings us to the end of this blog. I am sure that there are many other ways in which you students can unblock Facebook at school. But I am leaving it to you to contribute to this blog with your suggestions and comments. Enjoy the read and don’t forget to share your ideas and opinions in relation to this particular blog. Till then, take care and ciao.

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