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So, What Exactly Does A VPN Do—Why You Should Download a VPN Today?


Let’s start with an example; if you’re a movie lover or gamer, you’re probably familiar with torrenting and different torrent sites, some of which are probably not available in your country. You’d also know that there are some shows on subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime that aren’t accessible in many countries of the world. And on top of that, you’d also be aware that there are many subscription services that can’t even be subscribed to in many parts of the world.

Ever wondered why this happens? Why can you watch a particular show, or load up a particular website in one part of the country, and not the other?

Here’s a quick answer: geo-blocking (or, in more sophisticated vocabulary, geo-restrictions) These blocks are put up by governments to avoid issues like copyright claims. Other times a service only wants to be exclusive to a particular part of the world.

Now, if you’re wondering if there’s a way to bypass all these geo-barriers and restrictions; yes, there is. This, is exactly what a VPN does, (if you’re looking for ways to access geo-blocked sites, download VPN today!)

Essentially, a VPN, (or a Virtual Private Network) masks your original IP address, making you completely anonymous in the internet world, rendering all your browsing and online activities private and untraceable—known only to you.

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But that’s not all a VPN does.

Apart from letting you unblock restricted content in your country, these powerful little apps let you enjoy true online security and privacy, keeping you away from the prying eyes of cybercriminals, ensuring the integrity of your data, devices, and browsing.

We all know that many companies and products collect their user’s data to boost their marketing efforts by using it for their targeted ad strategies and entice you into buying products based on your online behavior. Many companies even sell user data to third-party companies for money! If you’re someone who’s particular about not letting their data be used without their permission or knowledge, you’ll also find VPNs helpful in this regard.

Now that we know what a VPN is and what it does, let’s take a deeper look at how a VPN works.

How Does a VPN Work

VPN products usually have hundreds of servers spread across several different countries. This lets them work by connecting a user to one of their remote and secure servers, while masking their original IP address, letting them browse using a brand new one.

This means that when you’re surfing the internet while being connected to VPN, the VPN server then becomes the source of your data. In other words, you now are visiting the internet using the IP address of the server you’re connected to, making it impossible for your ISP, or anyone really, to trace your online activities back to you.

This anonymous surfing has the added benefit of security because cybercriminals can’t get to you. This also means that all communication between your machine and the internet will be private, and no third-party will be able to use your data without your permission.

Want to unblock global Netflix libraries? No problem! Being connected to a remote VPN means you can access the data libraries of that country, even if the sites are restricted in yours. What are you waiting for? Download VPN today!

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Encryption, What does it mean

On top of masking your IP address and making sure that you’re completely anonymous when you’re surfing the web, there’s an added layer of security that VPNs provide; encryption. This means that your data is scrambled up, jumbled, and turned to gibberish between transfers.

This means that even if someone does manage to intercept your online activity, they will not be able to make sense of your data since it won’t be in its original, clear form. Encrypted data can only be turned back into its original form using a decryption key—which a third-party will not have.

Different VPN services offer different levels of encryption, for example, Ivacy offers up to 256-bit military-grade encryption, which is almost impossible to crack. This works for all online communication regardless of the OS or device you’re using. If you’re an Apple user, download VPN for iOS today to secure your Apple devices.

Use of VPN for Multiple Devices

There are almost no people left on earth who only use one device to visit the internet. Many people are surfing on-the-go, which means they’d be online from their windows laptops at work, their MacBooks at home, their iPhone or androids while they are taking the train home or in bed.

People even access the internet from their Smart TVs and gaming consoles when they want to play their favorite games or catch up on their favorite shows. But here’s the real catch: most of these devices are interconnected.

This means that a data breach in one device can risk the data and privacy of all connected devices. Luckily, a VPN service can be used on all of these devices to ensure complete digital security. With Ivacy, you can log in from up to 10 different devices with just one subscription.

Use windows on your machine? Download VPN for Windows to secure it today! But that’s not enough, because the IoT connects all of our devices together, it’s also in the best interests of security to download VPN for Android.

That’s not all. If you want to layer up your protection and secure your smart TVs and gaming consoles, download VPN for Xbox too!

Importance of IP Address

An IP (or Internet Protocol) is an address—a lot like your home address—but for your machine. This set of numbers serves two primary purposes; the first one being that it is used as an interface identification for a network of machines, while the second one is that it helps an ISP (or a third party) identify a particular machine in a network.

This unique string of numbers also allows your machine to communicate with the internet—letting you surf the web, enjoy a movie, download a song, or even read a book online—as well as other machines, using their IP addresses.

Another interesting analogy would be to look at IP addresses as fingerprints. These numbers will also help you track your particular machine down in case of any malicious activity—which is also why IP addresses need to be protected at all costs because they can be used to infect your machine with viruses, and other forms of cyberattacks.

If you’re looking for ways to hide your IP address from cybercriminals, download VPN today. Ivacy VPN offers up to 256-bit military-grade encryption along with several other features like DDoS protection, malware protection, kill switch, and even split tunneling so that your internet speed doesn’t get affected when you browse online.



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