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If You Don’t Use A VPN, Start Now – Why You Need To Download VPN


News portals are brimming with pieces regarding major companies get hacked into, or having their data stolen nearly every week. Many big tech products and companies track your online activity and use the collected data to boost their targeted marketing efforts.

And that’s just the beginning of things that can be done with your data. If your online whereabouts fall into the hands of the wrong person, your personal data could be stolen, used against you, used to steal from you, and could even land you into legal trouble regarding crimes you didn’t even commit.

At a time like this, one of the most important concerns for any computer user should be keeping their data and personal information safe and secure. A great way to do this is to download VPN (or a Virtual Private Network) that comes with several high-quality features, like Ivacy!

These work by connecting you to a remote, secure server that then connects you to the internet, completely masking your original IP address. Not only does this prevent bad actors from tracing your online activities back to you, but a VPN will also help you bypass any geo-barriers and unblock sites that are restricted in your country.

That’s not all though. Let’s go over some ways that a VPN will help you and why you need to download VPN today.

Watch YouTube and Other Streaming Sites Without Your ISP Slowing You Down.

Ever noticed your internet speed suddenly go down on a particular streaming site? If you’ve experienced this, your ISP, or Internet Service Provider, is likely throttling your connection. There could be many reasons behind ISP throttling. Let’s try and understand a couple of them in greater detail.

One of the most common reasons behind ISP throttling is network congestion. If you’re experiencing this, you’ll feel that your internet is performing slow overall, instead of just on one site. This happens during times of high internet usage in a particular area, for example, you might feel this on Saturday nights when people just want to chill at home and catch up on their favorite shows.

Another common reason behind this could be related to you hitting your data cap. All of your online activity, from submitting an email to binging your favorite show on Netflix brings you closer to a certain data cap according to your billing cycle. ISPs usually monitor your internet usage so that you don’t go over your allowed limit, or an inch too close to your data gap right at the beginning of the month.

Apart from these two, there are also several more reasons behind throttling, including paid prioritization, and forbidden activities. To avoid these issues, a great option is to download VPN.

A VPN can effectively solve this issue by connecting you to a remote server, and masking your IP address making your internet activity completely private and anonymous.

Play Games Without Your ISP Slowing You Down.

Love spending time with your Xbox? Can’t bring yourself to stay away from your PS4 for long? We get you! If you’re a gamer, you’d probably be aware that gaming uses a lot of data. From live streaming to downloading libraries and updates, to many gamers even uploading their gameplay online, most gamers reach their data caps in the month very quickly. This leads to ISP’s throttling their bandwidth.

Ever played smoothly for a few hours and had your internet got really slow all of sudden and remained like that for the rest of the month? Sounds like throttling!

Another reason gamers experience ISP throttling is due to the influx of extremely high internet traffic to their network, which is common when you’re gaming. To make sure that your gaming experience isn’t ruined by a sluggish internet, it may be wise to download VPN.

In this case, a VPN can help you bypass ISP throttling by encrypting your data and allowing you to switch between ports, making it harder for your ISP to throttle your bandwidth. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect VPN for Xbox! Try Ivacy today!

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Stream Shows and Movies in Other Countries

Ever tried to load one of your favorite torrent sites and found out that it has been blocked in your country? Had a friend living in a foreign country recommended you a Netflix show but found out that isn’t available on your account?

Tried to download movies that have been released in other countries but haven’t been released in yours? All of this inconsistency happens because of geo-restrictions, or geo-blocking. An IP address belonging to a particular country will not be able to access content that is blocked in that country, and anyone found to be trying to access it will likely get into legal trouble.

This includes websites, movies, music, games, YouTube videos, and even certain Kodi libraries, Netflix shows, and many other pages within certain websites. Since a VPN will mask your IP address by connecting you to a remote server, you can use it to unblock sites and libraries that are blocked in your countries.

Download VPN today to be able to sit back on your couch and enjoy any show or movie you want to from anywhere in the world. This way you can even subscribe to platforms that aren’t available in your countries and watch exclusive, platform-specific content on platforms like BBC iPlayer, and Disney+—all without getting into trouble with the law.

Looking for a fast, powerful, and robust VPN for Amazon Prime? Try Ivacy. As the best Amazon Prime and Hulu VPN, Ivacy offers fast, uninterrupted streaming while letting you maintain your anonymity and security.

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Unlock International Libraries of Geo-Restricted Content

Geo-blocking doesn’t just affect streaming sites, but also several other sites that could be important from a business perspective. Several online news publications, business blogs, and websites are only available to a handful of countries and are blocked in many due to the laws and other legal matters.

This could be especially puzzling if you’re traveling and experiencing geo-blocking on-the-go, causing you to lose touch with important matters in certain countries. Subscribing to a VPN service is a great way to unblock international content libraries and access anything you want, no matter where you are in the world.

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If you’re looking to download VPN that’s powerful, yet wouldn’t make a dent in your finances, try Ivacy. Available in three flexible payment plans, this cybersecurity behemoth will let you enjoy your online privacy to the maximum by letting you surf completely anonymously.

The product packs in features like DDoS protection, malware protection, a dedicated kill switch, up to 256-bit military-grade encryption, and split tunneling so that you can enjoy a secure browsing experience without having it affect your internet speed.

Bypass geo-barriers with our 2000+ servers in over a hundred locations worldwide, and join our esteemed client pool of over 50K+ satisfied Ivacy users.


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