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Towards a Safer Internet Future— Ivacy agrees to Join Hands with Internxt


Has there ever been a moment in your life where you’ve thought at least 20 times before logging in to your bank account online, thinking it could get hacked into, and you can end up losing all your hard-earned money? If you have, here’s a secret-not-secret: we’ve all been there! Sure, the online space is exciting and full of opportunities. Still, it can also feel a lot like a stroll in the dark if you’re not protecting yourself well enough—with dangers at every corner in the form of hackers and criminals lurking around you.

At Ivacy, we’ve been on a mission to make surfing the internet, accessing private information, and sharing personal details online easy, safe, and stress-free for well over a decade. This is evident by the fact that we have been a founding member of the i2C, winner of the fastest VPN at the BestVPN Awards, and continually innovating new features like Split Tunnelling.  These accomplishments are just a few of many others that have made it possible for the Ivacy brand to empower its customers.

After years of providing unparalleled VPN services to our customers, we thought it’s time to broaden our horizons even further (to the clouds, literally) and look at other areas to secure, protect, and optimize for better usage. To help us forward in our vision, we’d like to announce our partnership with Internxt officially—a zero-knowledge file storage service to help you secure your cloud storage!

Disclaimer: Ivacy VPN and Internxt have come together to form a marketing collaboration to benefit both brands and their users. However, Ivacy VPN is not liable for data anonymity claims made by Internxt. Ivacy VPN and Internxt are independent brands that have no legal bindings to each other.

Here’s what we want you to know about this collaboration.

Cloud-Based Storage—Do You Trust the Online Storage Drives You’re Using?

Imagine this, your phone shows you a memory-full warning, and you turn to cloud storage to free your phone without deleting any of your data. You happily turn to one of the popular cloud storage products and start uploading the content you have—pictures, videos, personal files, official data, up they all go.

But something suddenly stops you in the middle, and you think about what would happen if this data gets hacked into and leaked. All of your personal information is used against you.

To verify how rational your fear is, you Google if any of the cloud storage services have ever been hacked, and here’s what you find:

Here’s a question, do you still upload your data to it? If you said no, it was probably a wise decision. Even though the idea of clutter-less, light devices with most of your data stored online is an attractive option, it’s also a dangerous one—unless you’re using a zero-knowledge service or product.

This brings us to Internxt.

Welcome Internxt: Be Limitless—Our Greater ‘Why’

Everything we said above was true, but don’t lose hope. If you’ve been looking for a service that does offer you 100% security for your data using a zero-knowledge, decentralized cloud-based infrastructure, Internxt is the service for you.

Designed to offer maximum data protection, the service provides client-side encryption and fragmentation, and here’s what makes their service incredible: only you have the decryption key, making you the only one who can decrypt your files.

Once you upload your data, it is first scrambled to mask the actual information, fragmented, and then spread across their servers placed worldwide. Each server contains only a shard of the jumbled version of your file, ensuring that hackers and cybercriminals never get access to a whole file, even if they do manage to hack into one of their servers.

No third-party can ever access your data, not even Internxt, unlike several other cloud-based data storage services, where the apps have permission to access all your data.

One of the reasons we wanted to partner up with Internxt was to provide a higher security level to our customers over a broader range of online activity and give them a secure place to upload their data.

What This Partnership Means To Our Customers

Internxt comes with four plans. The basic free-forever plan lets you upload up to 2GBs of data for absolutely no cost. The second plan costs €0.95 per month and lets you upload up to 20GBs of data. Their most popular plan costs €3.99 per month, allowing you to upload around 200GBs of data, and finally, their final plan that lets you upload up to 2 TBs of data costs €9.49 per month.

Our partnership with Internxt means that our customers can get access to any of Internxt’s subscriptions for free for a whole year with our VPN subscription, letting them enjoy not only safe and secure browsing but also an online vault where they know their data will be safe.

With this IVPN deal, you will be getting over €100 worth of secure cloud storage for free.

Greater Security, Lesser Stress—The Impact We’re Hoping For

Look, we want you to have the kind of online experience where you don’t continuously have to keep a lookout for something being hacked, stolen, and used against you. We want you not to think twice before uploading your files to the internet when your phone shows you the memory-full warning, and with this partnership, we’re hoping to make your privacy exclusive­—to you.

In an age where global privacy concerns are increasing, and innovations like the Distributed Ledger Technology are on the rise, our vision for the future is to make online security accessible.

By joining forces with Internxt, we hope to ensure that our customers experience private, anonymous, and secure browsing. Additionally, we want to give them the option to add an extra layer of security around their data by uploading it to safe online storage.

Do you want to benefit from this partnership? Get Ivacy today!

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