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How To Access Facebook At Work And Surf Web


The topic that we are going to be talking about today is for those of you who like to take a little time out for personal web surfing.

Do we have your attention?

Surely we have! We had you at “web surfing”. It is natural to be scrolling our Facebook feed, watch YouTube and simply network – all this, while at work. It’s is an open secret. Employers know about this.

How To Access Facebook At Work When Blocked

To access Facebook at work can become a real bummer when it comes to offices. Facebook at work can be accessed in a variety of ways. Read on to find out.

1. Access Facebook With Google/Public Servers

Every URL has a unique IP address. When accessing a website, the URL matches the IP with DNS information. So if you are unable to access it at your workplace, you can use the Google DNS server to bypass restrictions.

Here’s how,

  • Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections.
  • Right-click on the connection status icon which you use to access the internet.
  • Now, click on the Properties and then select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP).
  • Choose one of the following values for the DNS Server address:

Open DNS:,
Google DNS:,

By employing the aforementioned DNS Servers, your question “how to unblock Facebook website”, will be automatically answered.

2. Access Facebook Via Proxy Servers Or Websites

The use of a secured proxy server is another method whereby you can access Facebook if it happens to be blocked at your workplace. It is different from a VPN. Proxy merely masks your real IP address and with the help of (say) an unblock Facebook proxy, your life can get a whole lot easier.

3. Use A VPN Service To Unblock Facebook

VPN service is perhaps the best way to bypass Facebook restrictions at your workplace. A VPN such as Ivacy encrypts the connection and secures it, unlike a proxy. Therefore, accessing or unblocking Facebook or any other website at work has never been this simple!

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To access Facebook at work or web surf during office hours is not something that’s bad per se. But in most organizations, the said practice is frowned upon.

How To Web Surf At Work Without Getting Caught

Offices place bans on certain websites such as social media and video streaming platforms. Well, we might think that our bosses do not know. They know, trust us (when we say so). Still, you can access blocked websites in one of the different ways listed above for Facebook.

However, that does not mean you shouldn’t exercise care. There is one thing called implied knowledge and then there is getting busted!

So what can you do to prevent yourself from being exposed like that? Before we delve in just know that this method doesn’t offer a surefire method from being noticed.

Although, if you are on good terms with the management, you might get away. But to be in the good books of the management the slots are limited. The race and competition, are both fierce!

Thus, we ought to follow certain best practices and be on our way to safely unblock Facebook website or web surf at work.

1. Turn On The Incognito Browsing

For all your non-work browsing, it is best to turn on the incognito browsing. In the incognito mode, you do not leave behind a trail of your activities. When you close the browsing session, your history is automatically deleted.

Especially, if it is a shared PC then incognito browsing helps. The other person would not be able to see what you’ve been up to online – when you are not around.

Although, let us add that private browsing has its limitations. If you are accessing the incognito mode from your office network than the IT staff therein can view which web pages you are visiting. Moreover, going incognito does not open blocked websites online.

Only when you have exited the incognito window, it becomes impossible for the IT personnel to access your internet activity.

2. Know How Of Shortcuts

Do you have a boss that unexpectedly pops up behind your desk and takes a peek at your screen? If that’s the case then you ought to learn the art of remembering some handy keyboard shortcuts.

It could be that you are in the middle of booking a flight and the boss shows up from behind. In that case, you will be caught off guard. You don’t want to let those details be shared with a party that has no say (whatsoever) when you are planning a holiday or booking trips in your personal capacity.

Few of the notable shortcuts include Ctrl+W. The said shortcut will close the opened tab at lightning speed. Any person snooping at your screen will not have the slightest idea what was on there in the first place. Nice, eh?

In order to minimize any given window press Win+D. No wonder, it will show a blank screen and will make you appear as if you are not doing anything. However, still better than getting caught watching gaming videos. You can thank us later.

Other shortcuts include Alt+Tab that will allow you to switch to another app – the one you were using prior to browsing non-work stuff such as access Facebook at work.

You can minimize each opened window with Cmd+F3, and to be able to quickly navigate between different apps use Cmd+Tab. And that’s all she wrote

3. Simply, Rely On Your Phone

If you still fear that you’ve done everything and yet feel you cannot web surf at work, might as well rely on your phone to access messenger or access Facebook at work. Of course, if you were to directly look into your phone, it would be a clear indication that you are slacking off and not working.

With a high-end 4G or LTE data plan in your phone, you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot connection and use your computer to web surf at work. That way, not your boss nor even IT can keep track of which websites you are visiting.

Concluding Remarks

See, it wasn’t that big of a deal now that solution lies within your grasp. Be it the mechanism to bypass Facebook block with Ivacy VPN or whether it’s using a proxy server for Facebook access, we have got it all covered for you.

You’re welcome!

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