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Ivacy VPN stands with those working at home & in quarantine


We understand that the deadly Coronavirus has caused unprecedented damage to entire societies and their people around the world. However, we cannot even begin to comprehend the quality of life of those forced in Quarantine zones at the moment. Millions are affected as a result of the pandemic, and their lives have come to a standstill. It’s sad and alarming at the same time to see genuinely hardworking people from all strata of the society go through such a bad patch.

Ivacy has always strived to play its part towards the establishment of a safer digital world. Still, perhaps today, more than ever, we are yearning for a safer, healthier real-world.

COVID-19 Safety Tips

As a VPN provider, we may not be able to deter the Novel Coronavirus from spreading, but educating the people by sharing safety and prevention tips is the least we can do.

We want you to know Ivacy’s here for you and geared up to help in any way we can. Based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, here are some safety tips to follow to help keep yours and your community safe.

1. Keeping clean

Maintain the highest level of cleanliness. We advise all to regularly use hand sanitizers, sanitary wipes, and anti-bacterial to make sure germs don’t spread.

2. Minimizing contact

To protect you and your loved ones, we ask you to be mindful of your own personal hygiene and ensure you avoid physical contact.

coronavirus covid-19 safety infographic


3.Protecting the wider community

Ivacy VPN is in contact with public health authorities and local governments to offer technological infrastructure to support their response to the pandemic.

4. Being community-minded

At difficult times like this, it’s super essential for us all to put our communities and others before self. Be mindful of the needs of others and, above all, respect those that are providing the essential services we need to live our daily lives.

 Fight COVID-19 with Ivacy
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Ivacy VPN’s Solutions

This is not a good time for businesses all around the globe as they plan on having their workers work at home to avoid further spread of the Coronavirus.

However, we want to assure corporations across the globe that Ivacy is fully equipped to cater to the sudden demand for facilitating a large remote workforce.

Since many global companies are resorting to Work-From-Home, we at Ivacy are helping you stay connected with your customers and peers, no matter where.

If your business is affected by these extraordinary circumstances, Ivacy Business VPN is here to ease your troubles.

Our Business VPN service is used by over a million businesses and consumers worldwide. Ivacy protects information sent between employees and companies through secure web connections.


What makes Ivacy the Best VPN for Business?

There’s so much Ivacy can do, not just as a business VPN, but as a VPN.

  • Quick Server Deployment
  • Dedicated Global IP Addresses
  • VPN Solution for Teams with User Management
  • White Label VPN Program (One Window Solution For Investor)

Ivacy’s Buy 1 Gift 1 Offer

Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, we understand that a significant number of people are either quarantined or working from their homes. Perhaps, you are one of the many people forced to get locked up in their homes as they observe self-isolation?

If not so, there is a good chance that you know someone who is undergoing such unfortunate circumstances.

In these times, isolating and cutting all social ties is not an easy thing to do for all those combatting the virus or surviving it.

Be it the entertainment – Netflix or Torrenting, or even the need to work securely on a home network, you deserve to have peace of mind as you access the Internet, to keep your sanity and ease the emotional trauma that you might be going through at the moment.

We firmly believe that access to a safe and free internet has become even more critical as we battle the novel COVID.

Ivacy remains determined to enable you to stream your favorite content online on the Internet together as you observe isolation at home and make the most of your time!

Acting with an urgent resolve for all those impacted by the Novel Coronavirus, no matter which part of the world they belong to, Ivacy is introducing the “Buy 1 Gift 1 Free offer”. This is an opportunity for you to share your Ivacy VPN connection with a loved one who is under lockdown; for 1 month for FREE.  

With 24/7 customer support, Ivacy VPN is there for anyone wishing to stay in contact with their friends and family or even their workplace, for that matter.

Simply visit this page, sign up for Ivacy VPN, and receive your FREE account promptly.

Our priority is, and will always be, the well-being of our customers. We believe that by working together, we can help to keep you, your team, and customers safe, along with your business.

Only together can we overcome this challenge and face adversity.

Take care of yourself!

 Fight COVID-19 with Ivacy
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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