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Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge 2020!

What is the cyber awareness challenge?

The Cyber Awareness Challenge also called the Army Cyber Awareness Training, is a yearly cybersecurity training initially intended to enhance cyber awareness among the US department of defense (DoD) employees. The Cyber Awareness Challenge 2020, which is now open to the public globally, also aims to identify and mitigate potential cybersecurity threats.

Can You Benefit From The DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge 2020?

The cyber awareness challenge 2020 is not only available online for everyone around the world, but here is the deal:

It’s Free of cost!

You can access the cyber awareness challenge 2020 from anywhere in the world so long as you have a stable internet connection.

Who Should Take Up The The Cyber Awareness Challenge?

You can take advantage of the challenge and learn a lot about cybersecurity as:

An individual wants to maximize his/her sensitive information – If you are among those who value their privacy and security, hold sensitive data relevant to their business or clients, the DoD cyber awareness challenge 2020 is just for you.

Corporations –  Enterprises operating in different domains can use this cybersecurity challenge as an excellent opportunity to train their employees about cybersecurity challenges.

How Can I take up the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge 2020?

Sign up on the official website for the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge 2020 website and begin the training quickly.

What does the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge 2020 offer?

The challenge begins with a dramatic scene straight out of Hollywood – a fictional news piece from a post-apocalyptic future explains how, due to large-scale cyber-attacks, catastrophic events have wreaked havoc across the United States. It’s explained that bad decisions made in the present (i.e., 2020) led to the catastrophe.

The participants are then shown how wrong decisions were made and are asked to make the right choices from different scenarios. The challenge comprises three main sections and subsections. Each section details different definitions, real-life scenarios, and the decisions that go into preventing a cyber attack.

How do I get my cyber awareness challenge certificate?

Go to the Certificates tab at the top on the right side of the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge, and select the tiny ribbon under the column titled certificate. Your Cyber Awareness Challenge completion certificate will be visible.

How long is a Cyber Awareness certificate good for?

Once you complete the course, you will be awarded a certificate, which is good for 1-year.

The Dire Need For Cybersecurity Awareness

The FBI  received some 23,775 business email compromise complaints and reported lost revenues, with losses arising out of phishing attacks exceeding $3.5 billion in 2019 alone. The need for security training such as  DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge 2020 for corporate and private users who use the internet has never been higher.

Using a VPN or Virtual Private Network can prevent many security threats and data leakage incidents about whom the cybersecurity challenge aims to educate. Learn in detail about what a VPN is and how it safeguards your safety online here.

Final Thoughts

Cybercriminals have begun increasingly employing innovative and highly sophisticated ways of executing cyber-attacks, due to which people end up losing billions of their hard-earned money. Therefore, knowing about the right tools to secure privacy from malicious elements and learning about the cybersecurity challenges in the ever-evolving internet world is the need of the hour. The DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge 2020 is an excellent free of cost resource for organizations aiming to train the employees to be vigilant against cyber threats and individuals who want to ramp up their privacy.

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