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Why Jordan VPN?

Jordan VPN offers a lot of benefits for its users. For starters, they get access to 1000+ servers in 100+ countries. That way, a user will be able to handle any or all content with ease. However, that is not all. With up to 256-military-grade encryption, your online security is impenetrable. So you will never have to worry about having your internet network compromised. Ivacy VPN is just that good!





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Bypass restricted Jordan content

To access websites in the Jordan You don’t have to be present there physically since All you are required to do is connect to a server inJordan and you’re free to unblock restricted websites Need we say more?

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Internet freedom unlike anything

Blocked internet can be a nuisance and for Seamless internet freedom, it is best to bask in The protection by Ivacy VPN. This will unblock Websites in Jordan and you will be Able to enjoy any or all online content.

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Impeccable internet security and privacy

If you are caught trying to evade restrictions It will land you in hot water. To stay anonymousAnd surf under the radar, take advantage of Ivacy’s Features such as Internet Kill Switch, Military GradeEncryption and Public Wi-Fi security.

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Fastest VPN servers built to meet all your VPN needs

Content accessibility from anywhere

It doesn’t matter where you are located, accessingContent with Ivacy VPN is as simple as 1-2-3! Don’t Believe us? Subscribe and see for yourself today. TheProtection is only a single click away.

100+ Server Locations

Connect to 100+ sites around the worldIt is akin to globetrotting just not in the traditional Sense. So get ready and delve into a variety of regionsFor connecting to them is only a single click away,With Ivacy VPN.

Faster Speed

If you are a fan of downloading, uploading and streamingWith Ivacy VPN, you can enjoy faster speeds. Their serverUptime is guaranteed which gives you excellent streamingExperience without stutters or any lags. Download or uploadWithout ISP throttling.

Apps for all devices

Ivacy is designed to work on each of your devicesNo matter if it’s iOS, Android, Mac or WindowsIvacy has tailor-made apps for all of them. That wayYou don’t have to worry about the online safety of your device.

24-hour live chat support

Running into issues and problemsIs common. But worry not because forAll your troubleshooting needs, the 24/7 Live chat support is at the disposal and Because Ivacy’s customer support is excellent

VPN split tunneling

The feature was first developed by Ivacy.It enables you to access both foreign andLocal web services simultaneously. So You decide which apps run over a VPNAnd which does not.

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Enjoy the Fastest VPN Ever!

Ivacy’s Jordan VPN is easily the fastest, which is why the provider received BestVPN.com ‘Fastest VPN Award of 2019’.

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Ivacy Goes Mobile

Ivacy app is available on Android, iOS and Huawei

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