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The Russian VPN Ban

Internet users in Russia are now facing the biggest threat to their freedom of speech. Just recently, we learned that Russia is about to ban VPN services by forcing them to implement website-blocking mechanisms. To avoid betraying the trust of their users, several well-known VPNs have already started to shut down their servers found in Russia.
This is not the first time that the Russian government has tried to impose censorship. Actually, censorship has been something that’s been associated with Russia for a while now. What’s changed is that the authorities are now eliminating tools that allowed Internet users to overcome geographic obstacles. What does this mean for VPN users in Russia? Are there any VPNs that you can use right now?

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Why Do You Need A Russian VPN?

As Internet users become more aware of the importance of protecting their private data, they also become more aware of possible cybersecurity tools. And this is where VPNs stand out.
These applications allow you to easily connect to secure servers, from any device. This is how you can encrypt your Web connection and safeguard your private data. No one knows what you do online, not even your Internet Service Provider. Based on everything we said in the previous segment, you can see how and why the Russian authorities are against VPNs.

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Data Retention

The Russian government has imposed a controversial data retention law on its citizens. The Russian data retention law is restrictive. The country’s data retention law has raised several questions that how these laws will influence the world’s largest internet companies and the privacy of the users they work for. Most importantly, this is another important matter whether the law can be enforced effectively or not.Under this law, the country’s international telecom companies were compelled to retain data for Russian citizens on servers held within the Russian territory.

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Access Russian websites with a Russian VPN

So in order to access all the websites that have been banned by the Government, you would require a Russian VPN. A Russian VPN would help you connect via a server from another region through which you would be able to open all the restricted content by the Russian government.

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Complete Internet Freedom for Russian Netizens

Considering how the internet is being moderated by Russian regulations and authorities, VPN is your only gateway to complete internet freedom. By using a VPN service you can have access to any and all blocked content and website without the fear of getting in trouble.

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Safe Torrenting in Russia

With a VPN having P2P optimized servers, you can download and upload torrents with fast speed and complete anonymity. Never hesitate while torrenting again as with a VPN you are safe like anything.

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Get rid of ISP Throttling

Most ISPs throttle your internet speed if they sense heavy usage such as HD streaming of online content. With the Russian VPN, you can encrypt your traffic data to bypass ISP Throttling. This makes it impossible for your ISP to keep a check on the website you visit or your online activity, resulting in faster and safer streaming

Without a VPN your website sees:

  • The website you visit
  • Your emails
  • Your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts
  • Your instant messages
  • Your downloads and uploads
  • The content you stream

With Ivacy Your ISP sees:

  • Encrypted traffic
  • No website URLs, videos, e-mails, social media accounts, online streams or downloads

Reason to use Ivacy VPN in Russia

VPNs are more of a necessity rather than a luxury these days. With an effective VPN, like Ivacy VPN, users can benefit in numerous ways.

1000+ Servers Accross the Globe

Connect to 1000+ Servers from around the world. No matter if the content is geoblocked or a website is restricted. The large number of servers ensures accessibility and connectivity at all times.

Unlimited Server Switching

Unlimited Server Switching means 99.9% of uptime. Also, it translates into unrestricted bandwidth. So surf, stream and shop - all you want, rest assured, your network is encrypted.

Smart Purpose Selection

Smart Purpose Selection ensures that desired server is opted for the underlying need. Whether it’s streaming Netflix US, connecting to Public Wi-Fi or file sharing - optimal server is selected.

P2P Optimized Servers

P2P Optimized Servers ensure that file-sharing is carried out in complete security. With Secure Downloading, files are scanned for viruses prior to download so that any threats are eliminated.

Multiple Login Support

Multiple Login Support lets you use single subscription of Ivacy on different devices. You don’t have to sign up individually on each device in order to stay protected from cyber threats.

Split Tunneling

Ivacy pioneered the Split Tunneling feature which allows you to access foreign and local web services, simultaneoulsy. As a user, you can decide which apps to run over a VPN tunnel.

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Unblock Streaming Websites With Russia VPN

Access US Netflix in Russia

Netflix is an insanely famous TV and movies streaming platform around the world. Thus, in order to unblock American Netflix i.e. the complete library of films and TV shows, connect to a server in the US through a Russia VPN. Voila! you have gained access to the wealth of Netflix content.

Access content worlwide

Bypassing inaccessibility is no more a problem. Seamlessly bypass geoblocking with Ivacy VPN by connecting to a server in Russia. Subsequently, you will be able to catch your favorite content. So what are you waiting for, Christmas? Unlock with full potential now!

Unblock Spotify In Russia

Spotify is a world-renowned music streaming app. However, there is a catch. You cannot access it from within Germany. In order to listen to your favorite artists, radio stations and save playlists, use a Russia VPN as it will bypass unavailability in place.

Unblock Hulu In Russia

Hulu is without a doubt the biggest online video on demand service in the US. It contains 50+ channels as well as a variety of movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, you cannot access it in Russia. But no worries, you can unblock Hulu by connecting to a Russian IP address.

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