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Singapore has an approximate population of 5.7 million individuals. More than 73% of population is using internet. It is the highest percentage of population actively using the internet amongst all the South East Asian countries. Times have changed. Singaporean Netizens, who once enjoyed complete internet freedom, are now finding it really hard to carry out their favorite activities online. It all started in 2013, when the Singaporean government enacted the internet censorship law by empowering Media Development Authority (MDA) to monitor individual users’ activities online. In the wake of stringent censorship law that resulted in the banning of more than 100 websites in Singapore, internet lovers took to streets against the government’s plans to put restrictions on freedom of speech, expressions, and information sharing.Dear Singapore Netizens, shun all your internet surfing and browsing worries. Now, you can easily bypass all the geographical restrictions that you are facing in Singapore by using Ivacy VPN. It is the ultimate solution to all your internet worries. Get rid of the clutches of MDA and Singapore’s Internet Service Providers (ISPs) by hiding your IP address under a secure VPN tunnel and enjoy tremendous torrenting speed with Ivacy Singapore VPN.

understanding VPN

What is a VPN?

First things first. Before you get to know how to connect and use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in Singapore, you need to know what actually a VPN is?

A VPN is neither a server nor a protocol, as there are myths that surround the true concept of a VPN service. Essentially, a VPN is a set of network connections that helps the users to connect to the internet and while remaining anonymous, and share their data files and other related information under a safe cover. The safe cover is provided in the form of a secured tunneled passage.

The Singapore VPN first encrypts the user’s data in such a way that no one, even the surveillance agencies, ISPs in Singapore, and more importantly the Singapore MDA are unable to breach an individual user’s privacy and security online.

In addition to keeping a user safe from the so called online hackers, a Singapore VPN also ensures that the data files are transferred at a breathtakingly fast speed, without putting any extra burden on your Singapore VPN servers. As a result, the performance of the Singapore VPN servers provide the Singaporean netizens with what they deserve – a flawless streaming speed, coupled with optimum performance results.

why VPN

Why You Need A VPN?

Now that you have understood what a VPN is; it is the time to understand why you need a VPN in the first place. Well, I have a very good answer for you. But let me ask you a question first. How will you feel if an unknown person enters your room without permission? You will feel uncomfortable and embarrassed for sure. That unknown person has breached into your house.

Same is the case with the internet. When you surf internet, you are assigned a particular IP address that is all unique. The IP is your identity online. In order to protect your identity online, you need to have a VPN connection. A secure VPN connection is important for you to safeguard your privacy and security over the internet.

If you are traveling to Singapore, a country with stringent internet surveillance and monitoring regime in place, you need to protect yourself online. While in Singapore, you cannot access more than 100 websites that are banned in the country. But there exists a solution to every problem, hence, in order to circumvent geo-restrictions in Singapore, you need a VPN connection. A VPN will help you bypass all the so-called restrictions and limitations while you surf internet freely, being in Singapore.

With the best Singapore VPN connection, such as Ivacy VPN, you can also use torrents to download, upload, and share your favorite movies, TV shows, ebooks, software applications, games, etc. with your friends and colleagues all around the world, with flawless speed and top notch performance.

how to pick a vpn

How to Pick a VPN Service?

Well, that is a really good question. Why? The reason is there are a large number of VPN service providers in Singapore. All of them claim to be the best VPN service providers. For netizens in Singapore, it’s really a tough task and tricky business to select a VPN service that best suits their needs.

When selecting a Singapore VPN service provider, you need to be very careful about your buying decision. As the saying goes, you get, what you pay for. Therefore, you need to take into account the pricing factor when it comes to buying the best Singapore VPN service. It’s all about trust and loyalty.

In addition to pricing, being a Singapore VPN user, you must also check out the number of active servers of the VPN service provider, available around the world – i.e. the server spread.

Another important thing to consider while signing up for a Singapore VPN account, is the customer support. Do check whether the VPN service provider has a competent customer support team available to address your issues related to speed and performance of the VPN connection.

In order to take full advantage of the Singapore VPN server, ensure that the price of the package you are getting remains reasonable and affordable. Do ensure that there are no hidden charges involved in the pricing package.



Why Ivacy is the Best Singapore VPN Service?

Ivacy VPN has got you covered. Ivacy VPN protects your identity everywhere. Not just in Singapore, but all over the world. With more than 200 VPN servers strategically placed in various global locations, including Singapore, Ivacy VPN ensures that you remain safe and sound throughout your online journey.

Ivacy VPN also supports peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing mechanism. Now Singapore netizens can upload, download, and share their files online with their friends and loved ones in no time. It just needs a single click.

Ivacy VPN is the best Singapore VPN service provider. That’s a bet. You won’t find any better VPN service provider in Singapore. Be it the number of servers available, be it the pricing, be it the trusted customer base, be it a dedicated customer support team, Ivacy VPN ticks all the boxes. As an esteemed Ivacy VPN user, you can live stream any of your favorite online programs, movies, TV shows, sports events, with flawless speed. You can even read your favorite ebook online with Ivacy VPN – the best Singapore VPN out there in the market.

With Ivacy VPN you get the ultimate torrenting experience like never before, within and outside Singapore.


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Split Tunneling lets you split and prioritize your data traffic. You can route your official data through VPN tunnel, and less important stuff without the cover of VPN.

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