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How to Delete Your Tinder Account Permanently?

delete tinder account

Tinder is a free dating app based on user’s location. Tinder’s mechanism is to allow each user to browse other user’s profiles and swipe on the one that interests him. If the other user does the same, either can chat or connect further resulting in a quick hookup or one night stand.

Tinder has become a “must have” in the dating world and for good reason. With more than 9 billion matches to date, it took the dating world by storm when first introduced.

However, the app that changed the way people love, also brought about concerns that Tinder is compromising their internet privacy. This guide is aimed at addressing those concerns by detailing how you can delete tinder account.

How to Delete Your Tinder Account?

Step 1: Tap the Tinder app icon to open Tinder

Step 2: Access your profile by tapping at your Profile icon on top left

Step 3: Tap Settings from your profile

Step 4: Scroll down and tap on Delete Account

Step 5: You will now be asked to confirm whether you want the account deleted. Tap Delete to proceed.

Tinder and your Privacy

Tinder offers a surreal experience when it comes to dating with the potential to meet a significant other quickly, but collects more information about you than you would expect it to. Tinder uses this information to server targeted ads and when you click Agree upon signing up, you give Tinder the right to use this information whichever way it wants.

Some FAQs you need to know to delete Tinder account

Will deleting the Tinder app delete my account?

Simply deleting the app does not delete your Tinder account. You need to delete Tinder from within the app.

What happens after Tinder account is deleted?

You permanently lose all matches, messages and other account details

What if I log in after deleting the account?

Once you log in to Tinder after deleting your account you will need to create a new Tinder profile and start over.

Go the extra mile to uphold your privacy

Do you want to more to safeguard your privacy and save your data? Here are some of the steps you can take:

Use a VPN

You can pause Google from recording your history and go incognito to prevent browsing history but that still does not stop your ISP from spying or tracking you online and sharing that with third parties. You can use a reliable and trustworthy VPN like Ivacy to solve this problem since Ivacy VPN encrypts your data and hides your IP address for real.

Use Tor Browser

Tor successfully hides your location and online activities making it impossible for your internet activity to be traced back to you and you no longer need to hide browser history.

Now that you know everything you need to delete Tinder account, and other measures you can take to safeguard privacy, happy browsing!