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How to delete your Pokémon Go account

delete pokemon go account

Pokémon Go has been introduced just a few years ago, but successfully broke many records as far as popularity and user base is concerned. A good number of people around the world – the majority of which comprises of youth, were reported trespassing, meeting road accidents and falling down trenches in their quest of Pokémon characters.

Are you one of those people? Is Pokémon consuming too much of your time? Want to get rid of your Pokémon Go addiction? Maybe, it’s time to step away and move on to something more productive.

How to permanently delete your Pokémon Go account?

If you have had enough of the Pokemon craze, and you want to stop it from spying on you, deleting your account would require simply following these 4 steps below:

  1. Go to Niantic’s Website
  2. You will see a form. Fill your E-mail address with the subject line – “Delete Account” along with your Pokémon nickname.
  3. Now, check the four boxes to delete your account
  4. Delete the app from your device

In any case, once you delete your account, the process is irreversible which means that you won’t be able to get your Pokémon account back or even use your email address or nickname once your profile gets deleted. You will need a new E-mail address and Nickname.

How Pokémon Go utilizes your data?

Niantic uses your information in the following ways:

Third Parties

Niantic works with many third party service providers to run Pokémon GO. Any information shared by you during the game’s play including your location, voice recordings and messaging can be passed to these companies for research purposes.


In case Niantic merges with another company or enters into a partnership or even gets acquired by another company, information belonging to you could be shared as part of the deal.

Legal Authorities

Niantic can disclose the information it collects from your usage if required by law.

Can I avoid sharing my information with Pokémon GO?

If you want to use Pokémon GO, you will have to agree with information sharing as per the agreement enforced by Pokémon. Additionally, you can choose to hide browser history from your ISP.

We hope this guide helps you get rid of your infatuation with the virtual world by helping you delete your Pokémon account.