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Port Forwarding PS4 | How to Forward Ports on PlayStation


Are you looking for ways to improve your overall online gaming experience on your PS4? Fortunately, there is a way to make this possible. Never again will you have to deal with lagging issues, and all you have to do is to look into port forwarding PS4. To learn more about it, read on.

How to Port Forwarding in PS4

It is worth noting the ports required to enable NAT type are the same on PS4; the process can differ depending on the router you are using. Not all routers have the same configuration, but the process of port forwarding on PS4 is the same on any router.

To port forward on PS4, here is what you need to do:

  1. Select Settings on your PS4.
  2. Select Network > View Connection Status.
  3. Note the IP address and MAC address of your PS4 for the port forwarding process.
  4. Access your router’s web interface and located port forwarding rules.
  5. Under port forwarding rules, add the following PS4 port numbers:
    TCP 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480
    UDP 3478, 3479
  6. Once you have made the necessary changes, you should reboot your router. Once your router is up and running again, you will see a massive improvement in your NAT type. As for the different NAT types:
    NAT Type 3 is Strict
    NAT Type 2 is Moderate
    NAT Type 1 is Open

Want to learn more about port forwarding? Click here.

How to Change NAT Type using PS4 Port Forwarding

NAT, or Network Address Translation, plays a vital role in connectivity for multiplayer games. It decides how incoming traffic is handled. If you play a lot of games online, NAT determines who you can play with.

On the flip side, NAT is used by routers to interpret public IP addresses. These public IP addresses are translated into a private IP address used by your home network.

If NAT is not set properly, it can create a lot of problems for online gamers. However, you can fix this problem by choosing the appropriate NAT type by taking advantage of PS4 port forwarding.

What is NAT, and What Type Should I use on my PS4?

As mentioned above, NAT translates a public IP address into a private IP address. But what NAT type should you use on your PS4? To determine the best NAT type for PS4, let’s take a closer look at each of them.

·         NAT Type 3 – Strict

This NAT type will offer limited connectivity on PlayStation servers. Other players will have problems trying to join a game you host. Since your router does not have any open ports, you will need to fix it by port forwarding PS4.

·         NAT Type 2 – Moderate

This setting allows you to connect to other players directly. Some aspects will be restricted, though.

·         NAT Type 1 – Open

This NAT type does not restrict your PS4 in any way. With it, you can connect to games and host games effortlessly. Additionally, other players from around the globe can find you and connect to games, you host. Keep in mind, though, this setting eliminates the firewall from the equation.

If you want to have the best online gaming experience, then NAT Type 1 will be right up your alley. But taking this route will make you vulnerable to attacks, in which case you will need to use a reliable VPN to keep you secure and anonymous at all times.

To configure a VPN on your PS4, click here.

How to Find PS4 Port Numbers?

The PS4 ports to open have been mentioned above, so there is no reason to find PS4 port numbers. These port numbers have been provided by none other than Sony, the company responsible for manufacturing PlayStation consoles. For more information, click here.

Why Use a PS4 VPN?

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