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US Internet Users’ Privacy is Up for Sale

US Internet Users’ Privacy is Up for Sale

In an unprecedented turn of events, President Donald Trump officially signed a bill into law this Monday, giving ISPs greater leeway to legally sell customers’ browsing habits with absolute disregard of their privacy.

The bill repeals a previous regulation passed in October last year by the Federal Communications Commission that gave consumers of ISPs greater control over how telecom giants like Verizon, AT&T and Comcast would share their information.

As per the FCC regulations, broadband companies would require permission from customers to use their “sensitive” data. Once they had permission, they could then target them with advertisements that were specifically positioned keeping in mind factors such as their geolocation, app usage, browsing history, buying habits, and financial and medical information.

With the new bill in place, however, telecom, broadband and internet giants like Verizon, Google, Bing and Facebook would no longer need user consent to track what sites they visit. They can legally make logs of consumers’ sensitive data and sell it to the highest bidders.

Amidst an outcry from the American public, the bill has also attracted scathing criticism from Democrats, privacy groups and consumer advocates who have bashed the bill for its blatant violation of consumer privacy and cite it as an “example of government overreach”.

Last but NOT the least, hosts of late-night comedy shows have also joined the bandwagon, questioning Trump’s decisions and acumen (or the lack of it thereof) with a mix of satire and sarcasm.

American Users’ Data is Up for Sale!

ISPs have always been collecting data, but they have not been entirely open about it. Even if they have, they always claim to abide by privacy laws.

Now the real question here is what does this mean for the average Joe that uses the internet to search for memes? For starters, it gives ISPs complete control over their customer’s data and allows them to sell it to advertisers for financial gains.

But what is even more alarming is the fact that since ISPs have information regarding your daily activities, and even quite possibly your deepest darkest secrets, it goes against one’s right to privacy.

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Simply put, ISPs can now sell their customers data, that too without their approval. This includes browser histories, app usage, health data and so much more.


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Taking the aforementioned ruling into account, several privacy advocates strongly advise internet users to start using VPNs.

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