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How to Port Forward PLDT and Bypass CGNAT

How to Port Forward PLDT and Bypass CGNAT

Is it a problem for you to set up communication with other external devices? Are you having problems connecting to gaming servers? This can all go away because Port Forwarding helps you connect to external devices or even servers.

ISPs including PLDT perform CGNAT to conserve a large sum of usable IPv4 addresses. It is not possible to port forward PLDT home routers shielded with CGNAT. In this blog, you will learn to port forward PLDT routers which are behind CGNAT.

What is Port Forwarding?

Port Forwarding is a technical way to improve your PLDT router performance. It allows others to access applications or services on your device on the internet. Port forwarding can be done for multiple purposes, such as hosting websites, game servers, and online device access.

Imagine playing a game, and it starts to lag as you are beating the final boss. This problem can be solved if you have a stable connection on your PLDT router.

Port Forwarding is a helpful technique for forwarding the gaming server traffic to a port like 3074 so no other data packets can affect your connection.


What is CGNAT?

Known for its translation mechanism, Carrier-grade NAT is a gateway to conserve the IPv4 pool. CGNAT serves to translate many private IPs into shared public addresses, assigning the same public IP to several different customers. In various attempts, performing CGNAT prevents IP exhaustion, but it also prevents users from opening ports even if their routers are configured for port forwarding.

Why Does PLDT Use CGNAT?

CGNAT provides a solution for perpetual operations with the IPv4 structure. This is a common practice because converting to IPv6 protocol is fairly expensive. So many ISPs try to avoid getting multiple IPv4 addresses for new customers as the cost of IP addresses increases with more users onboard.

CGNAT showcases an effective solution by allowing ISPs to assign the same public IP address to many users. This allocation of the same IP address via CGNAT reduces the overall cost of ISPs to invest in multiple IPs.

Quick Solution to Open Ports Using Ivacy VPN

With a Port Forwarding add-on, opening a port is no longer complicated.

How Ivacy VPN Help You Port Forward PLDT

One of the simplest ways to port forward is using the Ivacy VPN add-on that helps users overcome CGNAT on PLDT routers. Here is how it is done:

  1. Login to the Ivacy VPN member area.
  2. Click on the Subscription tab.
  3. Go to Configure.
  4. Apply the port settings of your choice.
  5. Click on “Apply Settings.”

Why is Port Forwarding an Issue on PLDT?

Simply put, it is because of CGNAT. When a bunch of users on the same network share the same IP address, opening ports can be risky secondary to IP blacklisting. Requests for port forwarding are often rejected by the ISPs to avoid unwanted complications.

Hosting a Server With a Dedicated IP and Port Forwarding Add-on

Dedicated IP and port forwarding add-ons are used for specific purposes only. If you would like to host a game server or get your IP whitelisted, or you want your friends to connect to your at-home devices, getting a dedicated IP and the port forwarding combo deal is recommended.

Dedicated IP will allow you to create new servers and allow external IP addresses to connect to your server without an IP tracing issue.

How Can I Access PLDT Admin?

Below are instructions which can help you access the PLDT admin:

  • Go to the browser and type
  • Checking your PLDT router’s gateway IP is simple by typing ipconfig on Command Prompt.
  • Type admin as both username and password.
  • Choose the Login option.
  • You can now access PLDT admin.

Why Choose Ivacy VPN for Your Port Forwarding Needs?

Admittedly, Port Forwarding is a bit confusing process, but Ivacy VPN’s port forwarding add-on provides an efficient solution for manual and automatic port forwarding both. Whether it is PLDT, Starlink, or Xfinity, Ivacy VPN is trusted to open ports behind all those routers.

With only a few simple clicks, the Ivacy VPN port forwarding add-on lets you open ports. Not only does it overcome the CGNAT barrier, but it resolves the slow connectivity issue and enhances the user’s gaming experience.

Ivacy VPN subscription is currently offering:

  • Access to more than 5700+ servers in over 100+ locations.
  • Additional features such as IP masking, split tunneling, and simultaneous logins.
  • High-end server speeds.
  • Safeguarding users against malicious threats and DDoS attacks.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common port forwarding problems on PLDT?

Some common problems with port forwarding with PLDT are incorrect settings, outdated firmware, and conflicts with other network settings. Problems can also occur if your ISP blocks certain ports or if your external IP address changes frequently.

How can I troubleshoot PLDT port control?

To resolve PLDT port forwarding issues, you can try resetting the router to default settings, updating the firmware, or checking for conflicting network settings. You can also try using a different port or protocol or contact PLDT Customer Support for further assistance.

Is port forwarding safe?

If not done correctly, port forwarding can create security holes in your network. This can expose devices and services to the internet, making them more vulnerable to attack. You should take precautions such as using strong passwords, keeping your firmware up to date, monitoring your network for suspicious activity, and using a VPN with port forwarding.

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