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Why You Need a Static IP for Gaming

Why You Need a Static IP for Gaming

Not every gamer knows about the importance of using static IP for gaming, the concept is too simple if you dive a little into its core knowledge. Every operational device these days is connected to the internet and shares its IP address through which you send and receive data from other devices and servers. The IP address is assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) which are of types. 

  • Static IP address – One that remains the same
  • Dynamic IP Address – One that changes periodically

What is a Static IP?

Static Internet Protocol is a permanent number the Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns to the device. 

Static IPs are best for gaming, website server hosting, or voice-over-internet protocol services (VoIP). For better connectivity and speed-related benefits, Static IP has got you covered. Also, because Static IP is constant, systems with these are prone to have security risks, and therefore users need to get a Static IP VPN


Upsides and Downsides of Using a Static UP

Stays Unchanged

Static IP Is demanded because it stays the same over time which also makes it easier to recognize a device on the network. Static IP forms a link to the device while it is on the move or the connection changes. 

Let’s You Access Specific Services

For users, Static IP makes it simple to access special features or services on the device as they know which IP address to use.

Grant Remote Access

To access the device remotely such as web servers or email servers, Static IP addresses can be of big help as they are safer than dynamic IP addresses. 

Configured Manually

One of the downsides of a Static IP address is it requires ranges of manual configuration rather than dynamic IP, which makes it tedious and prone to errors. 

Costlier than Dynamic IP

Static IP utilizes a limited number of available addresses in a network, making it more complex and expensive to scale up or down as required. 

High Maintenance Costs

Static IP administrator needs to perform extra maintenance due to their permanent nature. Performing any changes in the network will involve manually updating all the Static IPs in the affected system.  

Difference Between a Static IP and Dynamic IP

The most common difference between a Static and Dynamic IP address is that with Static IP you assign an IP address to the user’s modem or wireless device. So when it comes online or resets, the WAN IP address will remain the same. 

Dynamic IP assigns a WAN IP address to your device for a particular period which mainly depends on the ISP’s policy. So when your device or router is reset/rebooted, so will your IP address. It’s also because the internet service provider sets a lease time frame on Dynamic IP addresses. 

Will a Static IP Enhance My Gaming Experience?

A static IP address is favored by the gaming and hosting community for it offers an exclusively stable internet experience. With Static IP, your address will not be blacklisted because of someone’s wrongdoings. 

Users assigned Static IP are the sole owners of this particular address which they can customize however they want. In comparison to the Dynamic IP, it will not affect overall network performance. 

When it comes to gaming, Static IP is chosen over Dynamic IP because it is not interrupted or affected by other online users’ activities. Online gaming needs to be feasted without any disturbance and with Dynamic IP you may get quite severe issues as faced by users regularly. 

Changing IP Address for Gaming Using VPN

Out of several ways to change your IP address for gaming, the most effective and best-suited one is with the VPN. Here’s how to do it:

Find the best VPN service providers that match your privacy and security measures. We recommend Ivacy VPN because of its fast-paced performance and secure system. 

  1. Download and install the VPN application on your device. 
  2. Login to the VPN app using your credentials. 
  3. Inside the VPN application, you can find and choose the server of your choice. It will assign you a new IP address instantly linked to the selected server. 
  4. Tap the “Connect” button to form a secure connection within the VPN application. Its server address will not mask your IP address. 


If you want an immersive and uninterrupted gaming experience on a PC, opting for a gaming VPN is the best option to do so through Static IP. IP addresses that change over time make you difficult to find and hence may affect your overall gaming experience. 

With a reliable VPN like Ivacy, not only you can protect yourself against cyber threats but also relish all the perks of being connected online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which IP address is best for gaming?

A static IP address is renowned for gaming because it provides optimal game server performance and internet speed, two of the primary ingredients for a seamless gaming experience. 

Does Static IP reduce latency?

Static IP address generally improves the network performance. Because Static IPs are fixed and users do not have to request a new IP address from the DHCP server, this can remarkably reduce latency with increased response times. 

Does static IP help streaming?

Static IP ensures a stagnant internet speed and connection quality, particularly for streaming sites so the videos don’t get interrupted often. But since Static IP offers greater speed and connections, they cost more than Dynamic IP to set up. 

Is Static IP better than VPN?

While a Static IP address provides persistently stable connections and may help latency reduction in some cases, a VPN offers even more security and privacy benefits because of the data encryption that is being sent and received between your device and the internet. 

If you want to stay anonymous, a VPN is the best choice over a Static IP address that is prone to cyber-attacks.

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